Egypt Tour

In a land of golden sand of dust, the dizzying tallness of the pyramids takes you back in time to a civilisation that flourished on the banks of River Nile. In Egypt, history, architecture, spirituality, culture and heritage are entwined with one another to enchant you on your vacation there.

On Egypt’s scenic beaches, relax and bask in the delights of being by the seaside. The cities of tourist attraction in Egypt are perfect for shopping, spa and wellness, adventure, romantic holiday and other celebrations.

Quick Information

  • Best time to visit:
    September to April
  • Recommended minimum duration:
    6 nights/7 days
  • Attractions:
    History and heritage
    Spa and wellness
  • Activities:
    Cultural Exploration

Three ways to travel to Egypt. Which is yours?

There are three different ways to explore this spectacular destination. Depending on the kind of traveller you are, we welcome you to choose the right one.

Toehold Photo Travel

Our team of ace photographers will guide you on exciting journeys across the planet to ensure you come back with not only great travel memories but also some stunning photographs.
  • Photography Tours led by award-winning professional photographers.
  • Designed specifically for photography enthusiasts.
  • Real-time photography guidance and off-field photography sessions during the Tour.
  • Non-photographers are recommended to explore the other two travel options.

We currently don’t have departures for this destination; we will alert you when we announce one.

Toehold Outdoors

Exploring the world with like-minded nature-lovers is surely an exciting human experience. Our fixed departures are a safe and fun way to travel for individuals.
  • Group Tours led by ace naturalists.
  • Optimum group sizes to balance efficiency and budget.
  • A wealth of wildlife learning.
  • Fun and safe group travel.

We currently don’t have group departures for this destination; we will alert you when we announce one.

Personalised Vacations

For families and individuals who want a tailor-made holiday to suit their personal needs, we invite you to explore our vast array of Vacations destinations across the world.
  • Completely customised vacations to suit all your needs.
  • Flexibility of dates, class of travel and lodging based on your requirement.
  • Exclusively planned for you and your family.
  • Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our team of travel experts.

Does this sound like what you need? Allow us to serve your wanderlust now!

Tailor-made Vacations to Egypt

What you will see and experience:

The magnificence of the Giza Pyramid Complex – Khufu’s Pyramid, Khafre and Menkaure Pyramids, Great Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum – in the desert terrain of the Giza Plateau will spellbind you in Cairo. The stunning Sound and Light Show is an experience you mustn’t miss.

The amazing Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor will help you discover the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, High Dam, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Philae and Kom Ombo, Horus Temple of Edfu and Temple of Karnak. The splendid Abu Simbel rock temples, the ancient port city of Alexandria and the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh are other major tourist attractions when you plan your holidays to Egypt.

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Hurghada, a beach resort town stretches along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Famous for scuba diving, it has many dive shops/schools, charming restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The old town El Dahar is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. Ras Muhammad National Park, Careless Reef in Hurghada and The Blue Hole in Dahab (Red Sea) are known for sea diving and other water sports like snorkelling, kite and windsurfing, and cruising. If you’re looking for more fun, quad biking and golf are other options to explore while you are in Egypt.

Visit the land of one of the world’s most ancient civilisations that’s firmly grounded in its glorious roots while embracing the beauty of the modern era.

Why let us arrange your trip?

At Toehold, we are passionate about travel and photography just as you are, which lets us understand your needs and travails perfectly. And we use our insight and experience to plan your vacation to perfection, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and make memories for a lifetime.

Here are just some reasons you should leave your next holiday to us:

Precise Tailoring

Precise Tailoring

It’s your holiday, so you tell us how you want it, and we’ll tailor it to your exact expectations, down to every possible detail, just short of what fragrance of air-freshener you’d prefer in your cab.
Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Not clear about what you want or how to make the most of your vacation? Pick our brains and make an informed decision about how you’d like to spend your precious holiday, and then just prepare for a rollicking time.
Unmatched Experience

Unmatched Experience

With partnerships with the best people in the field and a stellar logistical network, we ensure no holds are barred in helping you enjoy an enriching and memorable experience.
Flawless Orchestration

Flawless Orchestration

Once the plan is set, you can count on us to make your experience a flawless pleasure. A star may implode or a planet may go out of orbit, but you can rest assured your tour will motor on without a glitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How different are your Personalised Vacations from other holidays?

Unlike travel agents who plan your vacation from a remote destination to places they sometimes haven’t experienced themselves, our Personalised Vacations offer a comprehensive toehold to experience a place through the knowledge of experts who know the places first-hand. Besides, your holiday will be meticulously planned by making use of the best local contacts we have at every destination.

For whom is this destination suitable?

Anybody with an interest in history, culture and all the myriad marvels of nature, and is over the age of 18 (unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian) can go on a personal vacation to this destination.

Will you book my flight tickets if needed?

Certainly! We take care of the flight ticket bookings too.

What is the scope of services you offer as a part of a Personalised Vacation package?

Absolutely everything! From booking the travel tickets and arranging for a comfortable stay to suggested itineraries and planning places of interest, Toehold takes care of all the details of your vacation.

Do you rent camera equipment?

Toehold offers an exhaustive array of cameras and lenses for hire, so you can always hire what you need. Click here to see what we offer. What’s better, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all equipment hired on Toehold Personalised Vacations!

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