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In an era when a leisure vacation can sometimes mean a small rebellion against routine, the mundane, we better make sure that we make the most of every holiday, every single day of an unhurried exploration of the world. And for that, you can count on our travel experts.

When it is time for your leisure holiday, even the pain of planning one mustn’t infect your relaxation time! Leave the details for us and we will arrange and execute a memorable holiday for you. Sit back and relax until the day comes for you to pack your bags and begin your journey.

Sri Lanka Thumbnail

Sri Lanka

See how in Sri Lanka, thousands of years of history, abundant wildlife and natural beauty mingle with modernity.
Maldives Thumbnail


Plan your next vacation to pamper yourself with the delightful mix of sun, sand and sea in the islands of Maldives.


With its scenic beaches, coral reefs, waterfalls and all else that makes it a great vacation destination, Mauritius entices a traveller who seeks leisure.


In Bali, Indonesia, enliven your senses to the beautiful blend of nature and the history and contemporariness of human life.
Vietnam Thumbnail


To live viscerally the experience of Vietnam is in a class by itself if you are affected by wanderlust. Book your next holiday to Vietnam.


With its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, abundant wildlife and delectable cuisines, Seychelles is the perfect destination for the traveller in you.
South Africa Thumbnail

South Africa

Ignite your senses with South Africa’s vibrant city-life, adventure tours, sun-kissed beaches and other amazing treats.


Visit this markedly different African country that nurtures endangered and rare wildlife, and compsrises the scorching spectacle, Kalahari Desert.
Hong Kong thumbnail

Hong Kong

On your next leisure holiday, discover how the colonial past mingles with modernity in the amazing holiday place that Hong Kong is.
Singapore thumbnail


In one of the business capitals of the world that Singapore is, spend your next vacation exploring its spectacular modern architecture, cuisine and nightlife.
Dubai Thumbnail


In the opulence capital of the world that Dubai is, treat yourself to some of the best man-made marvels on your next luxury vacation.
Bhutan thumbnail


Visit this country blessed by the concoction of the presence of the Himalayas, the spirituality of Buddhism and the raw natural beauty.
Nepal thumbnail


If you wish to spend your next vacation in great Himalayas where spirituality brims, plan an exciting itinerary with us to Nepal.
New Zealand

New Zealand

The geographical remoteness of New Zealand has left most of its natural beauty untouched by the ravages of modernity. Plan your next holiday to see it for yourself


Visit Australia to see the finest coexistences of highly advanced cities and vast areas of wilderness that have remained unscathed by humans for centuries.


Savour the spiritual energy of the mystique ancient land that Peru is on your next holiday. Explore its dense jungles, gushing rivers, ruthless deserts and towering mountains.

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