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The one major reason that makes Toehold stand out from the crowd is that each of these stalwarts has his heart and soul in the work they do. Unlike other travel operators who generally prioritize the interest of the company over their clientsí, with Toehold itís about providing an experience that keeps you longing for more.

-Sunaina Samanta, Mumbai

What a fantastic Advanced Nature Photography Workshop! Fun, extremely informative and insightful theory and practical experience that had us begging for more. These guys are top notch professionals who don't hold back secrets or techniques. They pour out their knowledge and experiences willingly, all to make us better photographers. Thank you, Toehold. You guys are champions!

-Zhaynn James, Bangalore

It was a "purr"fect culmination of a trip organised like clockwork by naturalists/skippers who knew the lay of the land and path of the cat. This tour has enabled me to better understand techniques of photography in conjunction with animal behaviour and thereby stimulated a desire to learn more about flora and fauna through photography.

-Uma Iyer, Bangalore

With the burgeoning interest in wildlife and photography in India, it is a boon to have companies like Toehold. They add more than just "luck" to wildlife sightings by adding their immense experience, relationships with naturalists and trusted tracking instincts. As a pioneer in this space, they continue adding innovative wildlife locations in addition to training the masses in Photography.

-Vijay Ramanathan, Bangalore

A trip with Toehold is "infotainment" in its truest sense, with the skippers imparting their infectious passion for nature and its conservation, along with expert tips on how to capture the perfect frame... all this while keeping the mood light! Hope to learn more with Toehold as a part of their future Tours.

-Anand Menon, New Delhi

My first brush with the wild was totally worth experiencing with Toehold. The well organized safaris and the guidance from the Skippers helped me understand the behaviour of animals. The brief lectures at the end of every safari covered the basic aspects of photography and the constant review of the pictures taken helped me get some great shots at the end of it.

-Maulshree Gangwar, Mumbai

I have got one of the best workshops that I could have imagined - all thanks to the mentorís efforts, his patience and his amazing skills of keeping us on our toes while discussing with us the nuances. I just felt so happy that I have gone a level deeper into the learnings of photography.

-Narayanan Shankaran, Mumbai

On the lead up to the tour, everything was meticulously organised by the staff at Toehold. We were communicated with on a regular basis about park fees, insurance, airport transfers, accommodation, lens hire etc. Toehold had already done a marvellous job with all the paperwork - so the bureaucracy before entering the park was minimal. At least 60% of the participants on our tour had previously been on Toehold tours or classes - proving the strength of their organisation and the quality of the photography tuition.

-Ms. Julia Edwards, Mumbai/London

Toehold Photography and Travel is an excellent company, we only give them praise for the two weeks that we traveled with them on photography safaris. Our trip was seamless. Everything was taken care for us, including transport after our flight, lodging, meals, park entrance fees, park vehicles, and most importantly, photography instruction. Everyone was given help regardless of ability. The price was more than reasonable.

-Jerry Rampelt, USA

It was very well organized in terms of course content. All of us enjoyed and learnt a lot and were able to interact with you and also with each other. We learned not only the theory but also the practical aspects of photography. We are also thankful to you for reviewing our photographs and providing guidance to improve.

-N.C. Sud, Mumbai

At the outset, I thank you for coming up with this magnificient platform for amteur photographers like me. Reading loads of material never helped me. I really liked the lucid/easy to follow style, practical demonstrations by you and the fact that maximum emphasis was laid on the basics which lay the foundation for improving skills.

-Indranil Dutta, Mumbai

Absolutely loved doing the workshop, thanks to Toehold Photography and our mentor who made learning effortless and enjoyable. The workshop was inspiring, informative, well structured and best of all it was a lot of fun. The workshop taught me so much about shooting and the digital SLR, it doesn't seem like a complicated tool anymore!

-Pratiksha Avhad, Mumbai

For more than years I have been hiring equipment from Toehold. And I consider myself fortunate for it! Photography is not all about the 'equipment' - we believe that. Still, at some point, the better we are equipped, the better is the result. People experience zero 'up-selling' and 'appropriate' consultancy for equipment rentals, from Toehold. Same goes for their photo tours and workshops too. Competition is everywhere nowadays - what makes a brand different is the ethical practice to enhance the core vision of the business and Toehold is the right example for it!

-Riju Ray, Bangalore

The Tiger sighting in south India of this quality was never expected by me. Exceeded all my expectations. Thanks Toehold!

- Praveen B, Bangalore

I seemed to have made the right choice to have travelled with you guys. Not just sighted great stuff but learnt so much that I will cherish for years to come. Your tours to both Kabini and Bandipur are truly fantastic for learners.

- Ajay K, Bangalore

The whole tour was organized in a professional manner. It was a great opportunity to spend time with the most experienced and enthusiastic wildlife photographers in the field, they were quick in spotting wildlife, understanding the lighting conditions and guiding the participants about the angles and the camera settings that they got to take, it was sharing of immense knowledge about wildlife and photography skills mixed with their excellent sense of humor that kept the participants in a good spirit, there was not a single dull moment with them.

- Saritha Dattatreya, Hyderabad

Had a wonderful time and hope to join you all once again soon, job and time willing. Good meeting and interacting with many of you during this trip.

- Rajiv Ramanathan, Ahmedabad

I never expected to come back with such great photographs of the Leopard in South India. Great learning experience over the weekend at Kabini.

- Ramesh Kulkarni, Chennai

Kabini's Leopards seem to have signed a pact with Toehold. Great outing.

- Pradeep Jaiswal, Bangalore