A quiet dwelling for grace, for elegance – this is where we lovingly hoard all the beauty we are fortunate enough to witness on this gorgeous planet, our only home. The Toehold Blog. This is where we chronicle our adventures of ceaseless passion, stories that are birthed by our travel and photography expeditions. This is where we share the immense joy of our experiences in the wild, the gratifying delight of enabling all those who join us on our journeys to experience the infinite grace of the earth and all forms of life on it. This is where we celebrate your stories, too, your exuberant love for making images on our wildlife, landscape and travel Photography Tours.

The Toehold Blog is a respite, a space that celebrates what usually gets unacknowledged – the primordial connection we have with the world we inhabit and share with all the other animals and birds and mountains and valleys and waterfalls and glaciers and seas and forests. This is where ‘poetry in pixels’ finds love because we believe we are all storytellers in our own ways.

May the stories we have compiled here on our Toehold Blog gently coax you into sharing your own manifold ones. Happy reading!

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How to shoot images of a Tiger at eye-level?

Ever watched a magnificent Tiger walk at you, head on? Now, do your images of the encounter look like the Tiger was 8 feet below you? In this video, watch ace photographer Jayanth Sharma explain how you make use of the habitat, to get those striking eye-level images.

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How to add your signature watermark on your photos?

Love those interesting Signature Watermarks you see on many photographer’s posts these days? How do you create your own signature and use it while exporting images and showing it on social media? Jayanth Sharma takes us through this as a quick tutorial.

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How to shoot a wildlife panorama image?

Shooting habitat images of wildlife in it using the Panorama technique is an interesting skill to develop. In this short video, learn how to envision large fine-art print possibilities by using a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera to shoot multiple images and to stitch them as a panorama.

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How to protect your Lightroom catalogs?

It’s not just enough to protect the Raw files by backing them up into multiple hard disks. It’s also important to protect the Lightroom catalog files where we perhaps spend a lot of time while post-processing. Watch this video to learn about some best practices of preserving your catalogs and never losing them.

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Why do small apertures have large f-numbers?

Have you ever wondered why as the aperture size increases, the numerical value attached to it reduces? We understand that it can cause quite a bit of confusion for anyone trying to learn photography. In this video, we explain the reason behind this and hope you will never be confused again!

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What is normalisation and manipulation in post-processing of images?

Do you post-process your pictures? Are you worried that you might be manipulating your images? Then this video is for you! In this video, we explain the difference between normalisation of images and manipulation and if practicing either is the right thing to do.

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Which DSLR camera is better? Nikon, Canon or Sony?

As photographers, we have all come across debates about which camera brand is a more superior one. In this video, Jayanth Sharma takes a look at one such debate and uses his experience to settle the debate. Listen to the verdict on what is his recommendation on the camera brand.

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How useful is knowing EXIF data of a photo?

Have you ever asked a photographer for the EXIF information for one of their images? Ever wondered how this information is helpful? In this video, Jayanth Sharma discusses why obtaining EXIF information does not make you any wiser in your quest for becoming a better photographer.

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What is dynamic range in photography?

Do you know what dynamic range stands for in photography? In this video we explain this concept in dept and delve into the different aspects of dynamic range and why it matters. The video also gives you several examples where dynamic range can be used to your advantage.

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Why should you shoot images in raw file format?

If you’re a beginner in photography, chances are you have been confused about whether to shoot images in a raw file format or JPEG. In this video we address this confusion by going into the depths of the advantages and disadvantages of shooting in raw file format.

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Why manual mode is not always the best?

Are you a photographer who uses the ‘manual mode’ on your camera a lot? Or perhaps you have been lectured about the importance of using this mode. Watch this video to understand why clicking in the manual mode is not always the best option. And why deploying other modes may be smart idea.

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