A quiet dwelling for grace, for elegance – this is where we lovingly hoard all the beauty we are fortunate enough to witness on this gorgeous planet, our only home. The Toehold Blog. This is where we chronicle our adventures of ceaseless passion, stories that are birthed by our travel and photography expeditions. This is where we share the immense joy of our experiences in the wild, the gratifying delight of enabling all those who join us on our journeys to experience the infinite grace of the earth and all forms of life on it. This is where we celebrate your stories, too, your exuberant love for making images on our wildlife, landscape and travel Photography Tours.

The Toehold Blog is a respite, a space that celebrates what usually gets unacknowledged – the primordial connection we have with the world we inhabit and share with all the other animals and birds and mountains and valleys and waterfalls and glaciers and seas and forests. This is where ‘poetry in pixels’ finds love because we believe we are all storytellers in our own ways.

May the stories we have compiled here on our Toehold Blog gently coax you into sharing your own manifold ones. Happy reading!

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