Toehold Juniors

Toehold’s Junior Events combine the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning in a riotous experience on our unmatched Camps and Workshops for Children. So a love for Nature and art is imbibed in them from a tender age. And mentored by Toehold skippers – the biggest hit with children since Robin Williams – they pave the way for your child to blossom into a green citizen!

Wanderlust Meets Shutter Lust

Have you ever dreamt of capturing the vibrant streets of Marrakech at sunrise, or perhaps the mesmerizing Northern Lights in Iceland? We've got you covered. Our photo tours are more than just vacations; they're immersive learning experiences designed for photographers, by photographers.

We delivered a bunch of memorable summer camps for Juniors. Watch out for the next season of exciting Junior Camps coming soon!

Effortlessly educational and immensely fun

Toehold’s rich experience in mentoring juniors

Events specially designed for juniors

Safety and wellbeing of juniors assured​

Plenty of games and practical exercises

Structured topics suited to all accommodated ages

Guidance of master photographer

Toehold Junior Naturalist
Toehold Junior Naturalist

Day 1
18 Aug 2024
Day 2
22 Sep 2024