Discovery Village Kabini- A spectacular paradise amidst the wild!

Discovery Village Kabini- A spectacular paradise amidst the wild!

December 17, 2020
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The Discovery Village Kabini is a gateway into an untouched world on the edge of nature’s infinity. Every experience is a flame fanned by the incredible inspiration from the earth. Its prime location in Kabini’s vicinity makes the Discovery Village a perfect getaway rooted in the spirit of the outdoors. Visitors can avail of umpteen opportunities and activities to revitalize and recharge in the lap of nature’s backyard.

Kabini Discovery Village is a destination within destinations, readily available for exploration of its varied natural treasures. There is something to match every visitor’s taste from family-friendly activities, adventurous outings, team bonding games, corporate-minded activities, and wildlife exploration. Hiking in natural trails or birdwatching in the early hours of the day; even camping under the vast starry sky are merely a few tantalizing starters to your trip to the Discovery Village Kabini.

Discovery Village Kabini – A place of tranquillity

Just as the name indicates, Kabini Discovery Village is all about finding yourself in the lush exquisiteness of the outdoors. The dense foliage offers the perfect escape from the confines of a concrete jungle into its stunning vistas of river-side locales and wildlife residents. It is not every day that you get to smell the crisp fresh air around dewy trees or hear the serenade of a thousand birds calling out in the early morning hours. Nor do you feel as refreshed under the influence of calming and quiet environments.

The commitment that Kabini Discovery Village undertakes gets reflected in its core values. You can expect safety and fun, sustainability, and responsible luxury when you drop by the beautiful retreat, either with your family and friends or even when you come by yourself. The retreat’s primary objective is to promote the guests’ interactions with nature. They limit their guests’ usage of modern technology by furnishing pleasant alternatives, thus enabling a soulful detox. You may not find many modern amenities on offer here, but every necessity gets well-tended to by the hospitable staff of Discovery Village Kabini.

A retreat in the heart of nature

The best part about the Discovery Village Kabini location is its proximity to the city while still being considerably dislocated. The presence of natural beauty, proximity to the Nagarahole National Park and greenery all around the Discovery Village Kabini make it a beautiful choice for an ideal escapade.

Every morning spent in the Discovery Village brings with it a great deal of excitement! Listening to the birds chirping at the first sight of light leaves you feeling refreshed from within. Late-night barbeques and bonfires set the mood for a pleasant gathering and merry-making under the starry skies. Nature trails and bird watching gifts you with valuable wisdom while also allowing a glimpse of their wonder-filled world.

A wildlife safari brings thrill and exhilaration as you glide through the wilderness led by reliable and knowledgeable guides. Read our blog “Wildlife of Kabini: A spectacular array of fauna“ to know more about the diverse wildlife of Kabini. Never expect a dull moment when you are out exploring the lands in and around the Kabini Discovery Village!

Types of Accommodations in Discovery Village Kabini

Every accommodation offered in the Kabini Discovery Village is a spacious room to rest and relax before heading out again on an adventure. There are two types of accommodations you can avail of when in the retreat. The villas and cottages get offered based on the density of individuals booking the place. Cottages have a double deluxe room amenity, with two beds, and the Villas have three beds as per customer requirements.

Each room also furnishes an attached balcony overlooking the stunning vistas of the beautiful surroundings. The bathrooms are also spacious with facilities like showers and bathtubs (Jacuzzi). Expect air-conditioned rooms if you decide to visit on hot days. Otherwise, the general facilities include a fireplace, cosy yet open interiors, separate seating and working area, a rustic atmosphere to lounge around, and disability-friendly facilities.

Why you should stay here?

Getting to connect with nature is not an everyday activity in cities. When you get out of the city, there are fewer people around and more of the things that matter: the fresh air, the eye-soothing views, the mind-numbing spectacles, and only yourself at the moment. You get to connect intrinsically with your senses by temporarily escaping the fast-paced urgency of city life. Coming to Kabini Discovery Village is simply another means to amplify the feeling and experience of being alive and with natural influences.

One approach to entirely imbibing all that Kabini Discovery Village offers is to visit the retreat with family and friends. You will have plenty of moments to bond over and get to know each other with great activities to undertake.

  • Even corporate companies bring over their employees for a fun weekend in the lap of the wild retreat.
  • Overnight retreats are always a hit with the multiple team-building workshops and activities for all occasions.
  • You do not always have to abide by the activities already on offer. Contact the staff a few days before your outing and let the nature experts craft a tailor-made experience inspired by your preferences in tandem with nature’s bounty.
  • Jungle safaris, water activities like kayaking and swimming, nature walks, and nearby temple visits are among a few encounters to look forward to at the Discovery Village Kabini.
  • Celebrate private moments with a special candle-light dinner.
  • Cruise along the delightful river expanses with a boat cruise.
  • Get your hands dirty with some pottery making in the guided pottery-workshop.
  • Revel in exclusive wellness treatments at the spa sanctum.
  • For all adventure enthusiasts, hiking serves as more than mere climbing and walking on unknown trails. The adventure expeditions get led by trained and experienced guides well versed with the rough terrains.

And avail of much more in the vast resort of Discovery Village Kabini!

Amenities of the Discovery Village Kabini

It is evident from the Discovery Village Kabini’s multiple happy customers that the plus points lie not only in the lavish natural surroundings but also in the hospitality shown to the guests. The staff, managers, and caretakers at the resort are friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about their tasks and the ins and outs of the services required from them.

  • The resort’s unique ambiance gets its due credit due to the daily maintenance of the hard-working faculty, from the pools’ to the hygiene of the food area and accommodations.
  • Safety is the priority when availing of any outdoor activities. The staff is always on hand to tend to emergencies while ensuring that no such incidents occur in the first place. Ensuring the safety standards allow visitors to indulge carefree in the plethora of events planned for them.
  • The resort ensures an underlying element of sustainability in their services. Responsible tourism and eco-friendly practices reflect in the graciousness of all the resources utilized for everyday hospitality. The zero-waste policy, methods like alternative energy optimization and rainwater harvesting, as well as eco-friendly architecture to suit all themed décor are a means of protecting and sustaining the available resources.
  • Elements of your stay, from an indulging variety of south and north Indian food to sourcing organic ingredients, as well as the arrangement of premium quality accommodations for optimal relaxation, receive the tag of responsible luxury before getting served.
  • The dozens of activities get defined engagingly to bring out the light-hearted side of every individual and create a delightful vacation ambiance.
  • Discovery Village Kabini prides its services in arranging luxurious weddings in natural woodlands, far from the city lights. It infuses pure magic and freshness of the dense beauty in your special moments. You can rely on the specialist experience designers over at the Kabini Discovery Village to curate and conjure the literal dream setting or mood you specify.


Discovery Village’s approach towards ecotourism quickly shot the brand to fame. Their practices that involve sustainability, environmental consciousness and personal wellbeing, have made them an epitome of modern hospitality. If you have not yet explored the Discovery Village Kabini’s treasure, there is no reason to wait! After all, the “Self” in you is waiting to get discovered in the vast lands of this resort.

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