Evolve Back Kabini- An experience of the wildlife, the tribal way

Evolve Back Kabini- An experience of the wildlife, the tribal way

December 22, 2020
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What was once the most sought-after game-hunting spot for the British viceroys is now the most sought-after vacation destination- Kabini. The place is an ecologically diverse dreamland. The place received its name from the pristine river flowing all the way from Kerala to Karnataka to join the mighty Kaveri. Their meeting spot is a haven for animals and birds of all kinds.

The diverse wildlife is protected and conserved as one of the country’s best national parks. “Wildlife of Kabini: A spectacular array of fauna” is a detailed on the wildlife of Kabini. But above all these naturally enticing qualities, what makes Kabini truly irresistible is the options it provides to its visitors.

Kabini offers some of the finest luxury lodgings that are indulgent in terms of facilities and close to nature and its pleasures. The Evolve Back Kabini resort is exemplary in its infrastructure, facilities, and its love for Kabini. Previously known as Kabini’s Orange County, the Kabini Evolve Back is famous for its native Kuruba tribes’ hut accommodations. These tiny cottages are a fancy reproduction of the cottages the Britishers used to stay during their hunting trips to Kabini.

Our blog “ Remarkable culture and History of Kabini” delves deeper into the culture and history of Kabini. With thatched roofs and short walls, the huts look very ethnic from the outside. The architecture is inspired by the Kaadu Kuruba tribal huts’ design. The Evolve Back Kabini has a proper blend of traditional craft and modern luxury.

The Evolve Back accommodation choices

The homely hut accommodations at Evolve Back Kabini are no less in terms of convenience and comfort when compared to a premium quality stay. All three options available are equally attractive in terms of view and aesthetic beauty. These include:

  • Pool Hut – Pool Hut is a posh cottage with a fancy fusion of contemporary design and Kuruba style hut with all premium facilities. This private space is spread over an area of 2400sq ft and comes with a large living and dining area, a spacious bedroom, a unique bathroom with a courtyard, and a personal swimming arena. There are added facilities like an electric kettle, hairdryer, Jacuzzi, bathtub, and private pool. The resort also provides free WiFI, Tv, newspapers, and a mini-fridge in the room.
  • Safari Hut – Safari Hut’s exteriors are artistically designed to resemble a Kuruba hut. This hut offers lavish living spaces that include a double bed, private dining area, luxurious bathroom with bathtub and Jacuzzi, all of it set against the vast green backdrop of Kabini. Other standard amenities are also provided along with minibar, heating, and air-conditioning facilities.
  • Pool Reserve – Pool reserve takes luxury to the next level. This delightful hut has large living and dining spaces, a splendid bedroom, and an ozonized and temperature-controlled private pool. The accommodation has a riverfront view on the outside. Pool Reserve also furnishes a special bed, known as the Star Bed, to enjoy the starry night skies of Kabini.

All these huts have the same basic facilities, such as free toiletries, Tv, hand sanitizers, Free WiFi, air conditioning, minibar, and private bathrooms. The bookings also cover free parking and access to other facilities in the resort.

The Evolve Back amenities

The Evolve Back Kabini offers a variety of luxuries to choose from in every aspect of their facility. The dining options provided at the resort includes four  options of 5-star fine dine restaurants such as the HoneyComb, the Kuruba Grill, the Candlelight Cruise, and the option of a romantic dinner date at riverside aptly called ‘By the Kabini.’ The candlelight cruise is also a special offer for couples who want to enjoy some quality time in the midst of the vast, beautiful Kabini.

Another major attraction of the Evolve Back resort is its magnificent pools. Other than the accommodation’s private pools, they have a family pool and a breathtakingly serene pool quite precisely called the Infinity pool. The pool is set in a way that an onlooker may not distinguish the pool from the vast waters of Kabini surrounding the resorts’ borders.

Besides this, the resort also offers places to completely unwind and relax. The traditional “Vaidyasala” is an Ayurvedic treatment and spa centre that heals your body from within and calms you completely. Later, you could sit by the backwaters and enjoy a good book at Kabini Evolve Back’s riverside reading lounge as well. It is a homely verandah where one can fully unwind, listening to bird songs, and staring at the vast expanse of the backwaters of Kabini.

Activities at the Evolve Back Kabini

The activities and adventures offered by the Evolve Back Kabini let you choose from a whole variety of options. These include the famed Kabini safari through the mighty Nagarhole jungles, home to a wide range of wildlife.

Interesting cultural programs that signify the folklore and ethnic traditions of the tribal groups are also offered by the resort. These are arranged mostly by the bonfire in evenings, for a larger group. It is an enriching experience to blend in and be one with the ethnic music and dance of Kabini’s beautiful people.

Apart from the vehicle safari, the resort also arranges nature walks along the forest’s outskirts with expert naturalists. But the most exciting of these jungle expeditions is the night trails. A unique nocturnal adventure along the Kabini landscape with trained guides is a unique opportunity.

Evolve Back’s coracle ride offers its visitors a unique way to experience the river. On the boat safari, the guests are taken upstream from the resort on the river Kabini to the place where the river separates the iconic Nagarahole National Park and Bandipur National Park. Read our blog “Kabini or Bandipur? Five things to consider to make a wise travel decision”, specifically written to help you plan your travel!

Boat safari gives a great  opportunity to sight  Asiatic elephants, marsh crocodiles,otters and the innumerable waterbirds of Kabini, as you row past their habitats. Besides this, there are also special packages and romantic riverside dining opportunities for couples and newlyweds on their honeymoon at the Kabini Evolve Back.

All these adventures are currently being conducted with strict adherence to COVID protocol because at Evolve Back, the fun doesn’t stop. The staff and guests are all required to follow all safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

On another note, the Kabini Evolve Back offers special ‘welcome back packages’ for all guests ready to relax, away from all the COVID stress. These packages cover the accommodation and all meals, taxes, and activities for two adults. For best prices and lesser crowds, they suggest opting for weekdays over the usual choice of weekends.

Nearest cities

At the onset, the resort does arrange airport transport, car for rent, and other shuttle services in request and additional payment. Therefore, one doesn’t have to entirely worry about being stranded in Kabini, Evolve Back has your back.

The cities nearest to the resort are Mysore and Bangalore, which are 90km and 225km away. Therefore, those interested in having a chilled road-trip along the scenic Mysore roads would love this option. It is a 2-hour drive from Mysore and hardly a 5-hour drive from Bengaluru.

Individuals travelling from Kerala would need to check the closing times of forest check posts and stay informed. In the current situation, check-in at odd times may not be permissible. From Coimbatore to the resort is a 6-hour drive through Mettupalayam- Thalavadi- Mananthavady route. From Mananthavady road, the direction towards the Doddamma temple is common for most routes. Read our blog “How to reach Kabini in the best possible way” for a travel guide on easily reaching Kabini.


Evolve Back Kabini is a perfect example of how sustainable ecotourism is possible without negatively affecting the environment. Steps are taken to ensure that the activities held in the resort do not affect the fragile surroundings.

The local society benefits from the resort, too. Evolve Back has donated TVs to the local community. It also engages with local community heads and plans annual social development programs like scholarships, construction of toilets in villages, etc.

Cultural shows organised at the resort are performed by the locals, which gives them an additional source of income. The groceries and vegetables are purchased from the local markets. It shows that the resort not only keeps the natural ecosystem around it healthy but also has created a positive business ecosystem.

So, plan your stay at Evolve Back Kabini and give back to society while having the time of your lives!

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