Five Reasons You Should Visit Kenya Now!

Five Reasons You Should Visit Kenya Now!

September 19, 2016
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Savannahs spread out, obliterating one’s sense of directions. Throw some exotic wildlife into the scene, in staggering numbers, and you will end up being the sweet victim of severe beauty that will consume you. That’s Kenya in one perspective for you.

You can keep conjuring up reasons why you should be in Kenya if you are always full of wanting to explore this part of Africa’s glory. However, here, we bring you five reasons we think will make the traveller and the photographer in you insanely happy.

1. The sublime spectacle of light

The grasslands of Kenya soak and bask and revel in the changing light of various seasons. And imagine capturing your favourite animals in the African wild when the world is shrouded in a grey gloom or burning in the late evening carroty hues or bathing in a pale yellow glow or shining silvery as sheets of rain come pouring down. You cannot simply return without glorious memories, especially if you are a photographer, as any light in Kenya is pretty much great light.

2. The sheer density of wildlife

If some sweet swear words swarm your mind if you are fortunate enough to witness the great migration, don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s okay if something like that happens (as long as you are not uttering them out loud), when thousands of wildebeest or zebras are running past you, turning the world into a dusty daze. Having said that, even when the great migration is not happening, in all likelihood, you will get to watch several other species of wildlife in these grasslands that sprawl across beyond the horizon your eyes can possibly contain.

3. The mouthwatering prospect of full-day safaris

Unless you are tired and want to stay back at your lodge while you are in the wildlife parks of Kenya, you have absolutely no reason to miss the opportunity of being in the park full day – a luxury not available in almost any of the Indian wildlife parks or sanctuaries. But we advise (we know, one of the easiest things to do. But still…) you make full use of this rare opportunity in a distant land and save your leisure time for your own nest, when you return to it from Kenya.

4. The luxury of staying inside the park

Even when you get back to your room after spending all the hours of the day in the wild, you will appreciate the fact that Kenyan national parks have luxury lodges inside the park itself. You will, actually, get to be in the wild for real and not just dream of something like that. Mind you, you might wake up in the morning wondering if all those animal sounds and calls you heard were real or if you just dreamt of them. These are luxurious mystifications if you ask us, allow yourselves such lavish experiences.

5. The beauty of the habitat

The vast expanse of grasslands in Kenya and watching the vast range of wildlife in their natural habitat is something only that country can offer. These grasslands, gold in summers and emerald in the rains, never cease to amaze you when you walk out with eyes diseased with curiosity and a heart diseased with wonder. The grass is splendid in the swaying and exquisite even in the quivering.

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