A spell of black magic – Kabini Black Panther

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[…] It is no wonder that he was National Geographic’s choice for their meticulously filmed documentary, which soon became a worldwide phenomenon, The Real Black Panther. He sometimes goes unseen for weeks at a time, but the very day he is sighted again, his appearance makes waves among every wildlife enthusiast and Kabini lover. Our skippers have led multiple groups to successful sightings of the Dark Lord, and even those who weren’t fortunate enough to see him returned with an implicit sense of triumph of the knowledge that they might have been in his presence. The very pursuit of the Panther is electrifying, and you can listen to Skipper Jayanth’s firsthand account of his tryst with Black Magic by checking out our Spell of Black Magic Blog! […]


[…] One cannot bring up the topic of the leopards of Kabini without a mention to the Dark Lord of Kabini that has gripped the hearts of thousands, if not tens of thousands of photographers all over the world over the past half-decade or so, mystifying everyone who is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the venerated beast. A once shy and timid leopard who grew into a muscular, dominant icon, the Black Panther goes by many names, fondly called the BP or Blackie by the Kabini regulars. He also goes by the elegant and mystical name of ‘Saaya’, which means ‘shadow’. He was christened with the title during the production of a National Geographic documentary which has since taken wildlife lovers by storm, called ‘The Real Black Panther’. To read Jayanth’s gripping encounter with the phantom and to hear how the panther had Jayanth under a spell for months, read his account of his sighting here! […]

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