The story behind the Masterpiece: Giraffe and the Rainbow

The story behind the Masterpiece: Giraffe and the Rainbow

December 1, 2018
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Masterpiece: Giraffe and the rainbow

We are happy to introduce you to this new and exciting series from Toehold Radio. ‘Story Behind the Masterpiece’ is series of podcasts on which our award-winning photographers and Photography Mentors will share with you the most intriguing details that led them to make some of their most popular photographs.

This award-winning image of a giraffe in Masai Mara, photographed against the dramatic rainbow background, is an image that had caused quite a stir because it defined certain stereotypes of wildlife image-making in the presence of a rainbow. In this podcast, Photographer and Mentor Jayanth Sharma narrates the experience of pre-visualising this image minutes before it was shot on our Big Cat Week Photography Tour in Kenya.

Imparting photography knowledge that eventually increases our attention and love for various details of life on this planet is at the heart of everything we do at Toehold. If you are a photography enthusiast and are interested in learning photography methodically from our ace photographers, explore our Photography Workshops and other related courses at Toehold Academy, or if you want to harness your skills and get mentored by our team of extraordinary photographers on the field, in real-time on our Photography Tours to destinations across India and abroad, explore our Photography Travel offerings.

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