‘Tusky Treat’: Why Amboseli is a Great Place to Photograph Elephants

‘Tusky Treat’: Why Amboseli is a Great Place to Photograph Elephants

March 4, 2017
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We say contradiction because although these mighty mammals in Amboseli are dauntingly giant-like, all they instill in a wildlife enthusiast is awe and love and not fear. They have charmed children and adults alike everywhere and have always been a part of human mythologies and stories, acquiring some fascinating connotations.

Treat yourself to this visual presentation of elephants in Amboseli, captured in some of the most redolent habitats and evocative perspectives.

All of the empty space in the sprawling expanses of Amboseli seems to be provoked to prove its existence (or non-existence?) when these elephants moving in big herds, flapping their huge ears almost all the time. And with the changing colours of the sky and of the vast grasslands, these towering mammals will offer you stunning photography opportunity by just being present!

A playful (not-so) little elephant calf in the plains of Amboseli is a thing of delight that will become a joy forever as a warm memory. Funny and endearing and hilarious, Amboseli is the perfect playground for these elephant calves. So, not only do you get to make images of beauty in solemn mood when you are there but also have great fun watching these little ones playing with their mother or their siblings.

The love and affection between a mother and a child of any species are always moving to see when displayed. This universal form of love in elephants can fill you with warmth when you get to see a mother and her calf in Amboseli. A touch of tenderness, while other parts of the National Park might be tensed with some wildlife action, the weak yielding to haunting rules of life, is something you would not want miss.

Art is best created by moments that bring to you a volley of emotions that invade and stir within you. And what can beautifully haunt you can eventually end as an ever-haunting piece of art. In this case, such striking silhouettes are made in the best light for one, presented to an image-maker only in a place like Amboseli.

See how everything around blurs away like it was that easy when you focus on a detail like you had never seen it before. See how a massive tusker in Amboseli takes its fair share of your mental-and-emotional-scape and eventually your memoryscape. See how these elephants of Amboseli will etch themselves as elements of joy and peace on your mind – all too bright, ivory-white!

Nuances of mighty existences – still and moving – bring you surrealism in a faraway land. Excess of such daily visual in Amboseli, especially with Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop, will only make you want to visit it again and again. This is where the definition of ‘mundane’ transforms into ‘magic’. This is where nostalgia can present itself in present tense, and it never hurts but only brings bliss.

All great art is great imitation of nature or imagination. Perhaps it is about how sincere the artist is in recreating something similar to what his senses had grasped. Such an image of warmth and amber beauty is an attainable joy in Amboseli, especially when the elephants dot the plain landscape with their towering presence.

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