Burst Mode in Photography

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The burst mode on the camera also called the continuous mode, is pretty simple to use.

Burst mode is usually employed anytime one is taking photographs of a moving subject such as wildlife, athletes, babies etc. However, continuous shots can also be made if your subject is sitting still. For instance, portrait photographers usually use this mode as people tend to relax and look more natural after the sound of the initial shutter fire.

Once you have shot a string of photos using the burst mode, you can combine them into a single shot using a software; or choose the best images and display them as a sequence; or even just choose the best image to further process for print or posting on social media.

However, like most things in life, the burst mode has its own drawbacks. Firstly, your camera may not be able to write images to the memory card as fast as it captures them. Instead, the frames are moved to a buffer, where it is stored until it is written onto your memory card. This could take some time because of which there might be times when you cannot shoot at all.

Secondly, your memory card could run out of space or your battery could run out before the event has ended due to the excessive usage of both in burst mode. While using the continuous mode, you will have to set your auto-focus to continuous focusing mode. Moreover, it can be time-consuming to wade through hundreds of images until you find that one great shot.

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