Where to stay in Kabini? 15 Amazing Lodges to choose from

Where to stay in Kabini? 15 Amazing Lodges to choose from

January 7, 2021
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The tranquil greenery, exciting wildlife, and scenic backwaters of Kabini have attracted nature lovers and adventure seekers for years. This would be a perfect destination to enjoy an exhilarating holiday. Your holiday experience will be perfect if you choose the ideal place to stay in this wonderland of Karnataka. While the Kabini River Lodge is one of the most popular, there are also several hotels and resorts in the region where you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

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However, here is an extensive list of lodges and resorts in Kabini where you can enjoy a great holiday:

1. Kabini River Lodge

This popular Kabini accommodation option was established as the first eco-tourism venture of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited and the Tourism and Forest Departments of the Government of Karnataka. It additionally has been named as one of the best wildlife resorts in the world by the British Tatter’s Travel Guide. This Kabini government lodge offers four packages- Maharaja Package, Viceroy Package, Royal Kabini Package and Diwan Package.  Conferencing facilities, a well-equipped bar, and riverside dining are some of the key amenities provided at Kabini River Lodge. Jungle Safari is offered as a complementary in all the packages, although in the Diwan package, jeep safari is not offered.  

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2. The Serai Resorts

Spread over sprawling 70 acres of land, this is among the most lavish Kabini places to stay. The Serai Resorts is located amidst the wilderness of the Nilgiri Reserve, and is surrounded by a host of flower and fruit-bearing trees. Here you would get three distinct types of accommodation options to choose from, all of them being extremely spacious and cozy.

Modern amenities like Swimming Pool, Wildlife Library, and Poolside Dining are available at Serai Resorts, in addition to a well-stocked bar and a fine dining restaurant. A crackling bonfire is usually lit up here during the evenings, besides which you can enjoy the wonderful ambiance with your travel partners.

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3. Kaav Safari Resort

One among the most popular Kabini hotels, Kaav Safari Resort lies on the southern fringes of the Nagarhole National Park. Spending a weekend here would enable you to experience wilderness in a manner like never before, providing you with a chance to spot animals like gaur and barking deers frolicking in the wild.

Bird watching activities are offered by this luxury jungle lodge, and you can also book a wildlife safari through it. The amenities of Kaav Safari Resort include Private Decks, a Swimming Pool, and Alfresco Dining.  

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4. Evolve Back Resorts

This is among the most lavish Kabini hotels, and is located near the tranquil wilderness of the National Park at Nagarhole. The intriguing setting of this resort is inspired by the Hadis or local tribal villages, and its contemporary ambiance is perfectly in sync with the natural surroundings. Each of the rooms here is designed specifically to provide an excellent amalgamation of rustic tribal charm and new-age, innovative design.

You can opt to stay at beautiful Pool huts, Safari huts or Pool Reserve here, many of whose interiors feature the distinctive tribal Kadu Kuruba leitmotif. Evolve Back Resort guests also get the opportunity to enjoy several amenities like a reading room, riverside dining, and an expansive Infinity Pool. You may even go for a wildlife safari, coracle ride, and night trails through this resort.
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5. The Bison Resort

Among the most charming resorts near Kabini, the Bison Resort is located between the National Park in Bandipur and the Nagarhole National Park. Bison Resort overlooks the lush forests, and hence you might spot various wild animals roaming around in their natural habitat during your stay here.

There are three distinguished variants of accommodation facilities available here, Deluxe Luxury Machan, Suite Cottage, and Deluxe Luxury Tent,  among which you can book the perfect one as per your individual preferences and budgetary concerns. Swimming Pool, Outdoor Deck, and Backwater Breakfast are among the key highlights of this resort, and through it, you can also enjoy intriguing activities like coracle rides, trekking, and photography lessons in the jungle.

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6. Red Earth Resort

Being one of the well known Kabini hotels, this resort would be ideal for anyone planning to enjoy a lavish stay amidst the lap of nature. The Red Earth resort is located near the backwaters of the Kabini Dam, and is popular for its charming, tranquil, and serene atmosphere.

A warm, homely ambiance is maintained at Red Earth Resort to ensure the optimal comfort and relaxation of the guests, and they are provided with personalized services to meet all their requirements. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant here where the choicest dishes made from organic ingredients are served. Red Earth Resort guests can also indulge in activities like a visit to Tibetan monasteries, wildlife safaris, bird watching, and fishing trips in coracles through them.

Our blog, “Red Earth, Kabini- A place that echoes the songs of the forest!” guides you through this beautiful eco-friendly resort!

7. Machaan Wilderness Lodge

Providing easy access to the Nagarhole National Park, the Machaan Wilderness Lodge is located at about a 100kms from Mysore. All the rooms and cabins of this lodge are set amidst a coffee estate, and features beautiful verandahs that look out to the gorgeous greens.

All the rooms present here feature a contemporary design, and are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate three people. You can even find a fireplace facility in these rooms.

8. Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts

Established in 1999, this was the first private lodge at the Nagarhole National Park. Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts stands facing the beautiful river, and has been gorgeously designed in a colonial style. Moreover, it lies between two of the most famous tiger reserves of the area, and has the enchanting Brahmagiri range as its backdrop, making it among the best resorts near Kabini to book your stay in.

All the rooms here open into spacious river-facing balconies, and here you get the chance to wake up to the enthralling beauty of nature every day, during your stay here. To spend time at Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts, you can go on ATV rides at the resort’s tree plantation, enjoy a relaxing swim in the hotel pool, or catch a movie at the outdoor cinema here.

9. Kabini Lake View Resort

Located on the Southern border of the Nagarhole National Park, this resort is nestled amidst verdant greens and the serene Kabini River. There are several packages offered by this resort, and their basic plan is inclusive of accommodation, as well as buffet dinner and lunch and high tea. Kabini Lake View Resort guests can also book activities like jeep safaris into the Nagarhole National Park , and enjoy a Coracle ride on the river Kabini through them.

This resort additionally features an excellent restaurant that overlooks the Kabini backwaters, and serves a plethora of Indian delicacies. Nature walks, bicycle trails, bonfires, and tribal village visits are also organised by Kabini Lake View Resort, ensuring that you will not spend a single dull moment here.

10. The Peepal Tree

A delightful place to enjoy your Kabini stay, the Peepal Tree is located on the banks of magnificent Kabini backwater and surrounded by verdant greenery. There are 22 cottages present here, each of them providing a perfect blend of luxury, contemporary lifestyle, and natural beauty.

These air-conditioned cottages are fitted with multiple modern utilities to ensure the maximum comfort and convenience of the guests. Facilities like free breakfast and swimming pool can also be enjoyed here. There are provisions of certain children-friendly activities here as well, making it a perfect Kabini accommodation choice for families with young kids.

11. Kabini Farm Stay

Situated besides gorgeous greenery, Kabini Farm Stay is a family-friendly accommodation option. There are provisions for children’s activities at this place, and there are no restrictions on bringing pets. All the rooms at Kabini Farm Stay are additionally equipped with various modern facilities, ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for the guests. You can even enjoy free breakfast and free parking at this place, along with prompt and efficient room service. Nature lovers and adventure seekers may opt to borrow a bicycle from Kabini Farm Stay to explore the nearby wilderness from up-close.

12. Berge de Kabini

Lying on the banks of the Kabini River, this home-stay can be found on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. Berge de Kabini is surrounded by mesmerizing flora and fauna, and enjoys good proximity to some of the best tourist sites of Wayanad.

While Indian dishes prepared by a professional chef are provided at this place, you can also enjoy complete access to a private kitchen and prepare meals of your choice here. The property staff can help in purchasing groceries as required by you as well. There is a caretaker present at Berge de Kabini at all times to assist the guests. You can even host private parties and other events here.

13. Pepper Green Resort

Surrounded by opulent scenic beauty, the Pepper Green Resort is a great place to enjoy Kabini farm stay. This resort is located amidst tranquil, mesmerizing coffee plantations, and hence your days here will start here with a whiff of freshness. The deluxe cottages, family cottages, and well-manicured lawns present here makes it a perfect place to enjoy a cozy getaway with family and friends.

Each of these cottages is well-designed, spacious, and equipped with various modern fittings, and offers majestic views of the greens as well. Pepper Green Resort offers amenities like Free Wi-Fi and an Outdoor pool, and even has provisions for Airport shuttle.

14. Jungle Trailz Kabini

This is a popular Kabini homestay, located near the Nugu Backwaters, which is about 30 mins drive from the famous Kabini safari point. All the rooms at Jungle Trailz have a backwaters and mountains view, and hence you are sure to wake up to majestic views of nature during your stay here. Guests here can access a shared kitchen for cooking small meals or specific purposes. There is also a cook present at Jungle Trailz through whom guests can make their needed meals prepared. There is a vegetarian food package provided here, which includes all three major meals, coffee, tea, and snacks. There is a Kids Play Area located within 5 km from the property, making it a good place to stay for families with young kids. Pets are allowed at the property as well.

15. La Flora Safari Inn Resort

Located at a distance of 2 km from Nagarahole National Park Safari gate, Flora Safari Inn Resort is a cozy and well-connected place to enjoy your Kabini holidays. Attractions like Iruppu Waterfall and Bhramagiri trekking site are also located quite close to this resort. Flora Safari Inn Resort has seven aesthetically designed rooms, each of them fitted with multiple modern amenities. You can also enjoy complimentary facilities like free Wi-Fi and breakfast here. A multi-cuisine restaurant is present at the Flora Safari Inn Resort, and they also have a doctor on call at all times.

Toehold’s suggestion on where to stay in Kabini

For a place like Kabini, the ideal place of stay depends on the perspective of the traveller and the goal of the trip. For example, if you are a wildlife lover and going on a safari is your primary goal, then there are some considerations that make your stay very important with the safari infrastructure and proximity. If you are a photographer, then the options are even fewer.

However, for many families and couples, the goals can be different. If you want to travel to Kabini for a leisure holiday, relaxation, team outing or just to be amidst nature and greenery, you have various options to choose from.

We hope this comprehensive list of Kabini stay or Kabini hotels that we’ve featured can be a great reference for someone to choose where to stay in Kabini.

Do you like any place more than the other? Do let us know. If you have any new recommendation that you feel should be a part of this list, we will be happy to consider it.

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