Toecabulary: Zoom Burst

Toecabulary: Zoom Burst

March 14, 2019
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When making images goes past just clicking a scene as it is to making a scene more interesting and creative, you are relishing photography as more than just a process of documenting a moment unraveling before your life just way it is.

So this week’s Toecabulary discusses ‘zoom burst’, a technique that makes an image fun and even fantastic, because it renders a breathtaking, stunning sense of blurred streaks emerging continuously from the centre of a frame, usually where the subject is placed.

One doesn’t need fancy photography equipment to make a zoom burst (or zoom blur) image. A DSLR or a mirrorless camera with a zoom lens will suffice. When you use shutter priority mode, with slow shutter speed, starting from a long focal length to a short focal length rather than the other way round, you make a zoom burst image.

It works best when your lens has image stabilization turned on. If not, you can use a tripod or a bean bag.

Place your subject at the middle/center of the frame for the best result.

Have fun with the zoom burst technique the next time you are making images. Good light to you!

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