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At Toehold quality and innovation are the lifeblood of everything we do, so we welcome young and dynamic professionals who are meritorious and passionate about excellence and service. In lieu we offer a work environment that is open, involving, creatively satisfying and immense fun! Review our open positions and apply for a suitable one if you don’t want to leave your heart behind when you go to work every day!

Job Code: JCBLR-BD
Position Type: Full time
Experience: 5 to 8 years
Location: Bengaluru

Role Responsibilities and Description:

Do you revel in the invigorating challenge of creating a business opportunity and then seeing it to manifestation? Do you love carrying the flag of your company and finding new lands on which to plant it? Do you well-nigh breathe sales?

If yes, come breathe with us.

We seek an energetic (pretty-well indefatigable) foot soldier who’ll disperse our seeds far and wide, with a passion for our services, and a steely determination to grow our business and take our footprint to unchartered territory. As business development officer, you’ll report to the category manager of your business unit in Bengaluru and have this impressive list of responsibilities:

  • Procure new business by expanding our network and establishing new relationships
  • Aggressively execute the strategy set out by the category manager to achieve business growth goals
  • Take initiative to conceive and discuss original ideas and business strategies
  • Be a tireless evangelist for the business

To do all this and more, we need you to:

  • Be an MBA graduate in sales and marketing
  • Have at least five years’ relevant work experience
  • Show a record of high performance
  • Be brimming with persuasive skills
  • Have virtually endless perseverance and commitment to goals
  • Be self-motivated and able to own our services
  • Possess excellent interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills

Write to with the Job Code in the subject line.

Job Code: JCBLR-WI

Position Type: Full Time

Location: Bengaluru

We are now accepting applications for a paid six-month writing-internship.

To be picked, you must show a flair for creative writing, a devotion to grammar approaching mania, and an unabashed affinity for social media.

If your blood has more words than platelets and you prefer punctuation to popcorn; if you can express a lot in a little, apply forthwith, for we’ll need you to write:

  • topical blogs, listicles and features
  • social media and other marketing copy
  • video scripts and other related material

Some skills you will need to possess to dispatch your duties with elan are:

  • impeccable written English
  • a flair for creative writing
  • ability to research independently and learn about subject matter
  • an unabashed affinity for social media

Familiarity with travel and photography is not necessary but will be an asset, and so will be intimacy with WordPress.

At the end of the internship, you will have learned how to write for an audience, write in different tones and styles, producing copy in adherence to a style guide, and optimising content for search engines.

Write to with the Job Code in the subject line.


Position Type: Full Time

Location: Bengaluru

Toehold’s ever-growing customer needs now demand specific skills in the world of photo editing. We are now accepting applications for post-processing specialists who can work on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and other related software.

We are looking for candidates with a passion for image editing, in-depth knowledge of colour calibration, fine-art printing and a hunger to grow along with us.

To be chosen, you must show a flair for creative writing, a steadfast devotion to grammar, and an unabashed affinity for social media.

If your dreams are made of images and fine-art printing and you love spending your free time on Lightroom and Photoshop, if you can make customers ecstatic when they see their glorious images in print, we surely will love you to be a part of our team of artists. And if you are, you will be able to:

  • Understand the workflow of Digital Photography
  • Manage RAW files using Lightroom
  • Understand concepts of collections, keywords and catalogues
  • Clearly demonstrate skills of colour management and understanding
  • Calibrate monitors for print and the web
  • Print fine-art quality images without ever compromising on quality
  • Work comfortably with either Windows or Mac operating systems

Some skills you will need to possess are:

  • Basic English communication skills, verbal, writing and reading
  • Computer savviness and graphics technology acumen
  • Proficiency in photo-editing softwares like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Basic understanding of colour profiles and print technology

More than your academic qualification, what we care the most about is your passion for work. Knowledge of basic photography is a bonus, but the role does not include any photography exposure or assignments.

Write to with the Job Code in the subject line.

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