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Virtually untouched by human avarice, it is one of the most flourishing wilderness tracts in Russia.

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Situated in the remote corners of Russia's far eastern region, Kamchatka is a land of untamed wilderness and breathtaking natural wonders. Its rugged terrain is dominated by volcanic calderas, towering peaks, and pristine crater lakes formed by ancient eruptions.

One of Kamchatka's most iconic residents is its population of majestic brown bears, thriving in their natural habitat amidst dense forests and sprawling meadows. These bears roam freely, offering visitors a glimpse into their wild and untouched world.

Exploring Kamchatka is a journey into the heart of raw, unspoiled nature, where every corner reveals a new marvel and every view inspires awe. From the steaming mineral springs to the serene crater lakes, Kamchatka captivates adventurers with its unparalleled beauty and untamed wilderness, making it a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike.

How is it?

In the far east of Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula hangs down into the Pacific like some giant precinct.

Virtually untouched by human avarice, it represents one of the most flourishing wilderness tracts in the country, spanning a galactic 472,300 km2.

Stunningly rich in natural resources and punctuated with glaciers and geysers, it is truly an ultimate retreat for the photographer whose itchy feet crave to tread off the beaten path and explore the extraordinary.

Flanked by the Okhotsk and Bering Seas and the Pacific Ocean, the peninsula is a flourishing hub of volcanism, seismology and floral and faunal abundance. As many as 28 active volcanoes brew in the eastern part while the number of wild animal species is close to three dozen.

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With a mindboggling number of glaciers, rivers, springs and lakes big and small, the territory of Kamchatka, composed of magnificent valleys and sky-kissing snow-capped mountains overlooking Alpine meadows, can leave the awed visitor struggling to stifle a compulsively dropping jaw.

On the picturesque coasts, the lively sea and the quaint gulfs engage in interplay of serenity, and overlooked by the formidable ledges where eagles dare, dolphins and whales thrive in the waters that seem to have no horizon but an infinite depth.

Truly, Kamchatka is a place for those who ‘bear’ nothing less than the most idyllic.