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Nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats of Kerala, Munnar is a charming hill station renowned for its verdant tea plantations, evergreen forests, and enchanting Shola grasslands. The landscape is a symphony of lush greenery, rolling hills, and mist-covered valleys, offering a tranquil retreat for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Munnar's tea plantations, sprawling across undulating hillsides, are a sight to behold. The region's evergreen forests teem with diverse flora and fauna, providing a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Adding to Munnar's allure are the pristine Shola grasslands, which dot the landscape like emerald patches. These unique ecosystems harbour rare species of plants and wildlife, contributing to the region's ecological diversity.

How is it?

The hills come alive in the rainforest as a myriad of amphibians, insects, reptiles, and birds come out to enjoy the season, highlighting the immense biodiversity of the place. The forest is active, bustling with creatures during night and day and the monsoon season is perhaps one of the best times to pick up your camera and begin your herping journey.

Munnar is home to several rare species of birds like the black-and-orange flycatcher, Nilgiri pipit, Nilgiri wood pigeon, White-bellied shortwing, Nilgiri flycatcher, and more. It’s also endemic to exotic and beautiful frogs and reptiles like Resplendent Frog (Raorchestes Resplendens), Travancore Bush Frog, Yellow-bellied Bush Frog, Large-Scaled Pit Viper, and Striped Coral Snake. It is also home to the extremely rare and nearly extinct Nilgiri Tahr.

It’s also a place to capture some beautiful flora that’s part of its intrinsic biodiverse ecosystem. The night trails in Munnar are an extremely exciting and thrilling walk to find some of this wildlife.

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Hiking in these nature trails are a perfect way to spot some rare species that are also faced with extinction. One of the most amazing amphibians to spot is the Raorchestes Resplendens also known as the Resplendent Bush Frog.

Sighting these tiny beings is an herculean task as they are highly sensitive to our arrival. But when you do, they stand out with their orange bodies beautifully contrasting with the green.

Among the call of the frogs are the reptiles that roam the night. The nocturnal Pit Vipers make for perfect subjects with their triangular heads, heat-sensing pits, and dorsal markings. Another fantastic reptile to picture is the Striped Coral Snake, a venomous snake endemic to the Western Ghats.

The beautiful striped pattern running along its body in contrast to the bright reddish orange hues paints an exotic image for photographers.Last but certainly not the least, you can find the Nilgiri Tahr happily grazing along the hills of Rajamalai. This highly endangered mammal, referred to as the pride of Munnar, is amazingly sure footed and can navigate the mountain terrains with such practised ease that neither man nor beast can compete.Munnar’s wildlife is also inclusive of countless flora of various shapes, colours and sizes. From mushrooms that glow to exotic and beautiful flowers, the uniqueness of the place makes it absolutely picturesque and astounding for macro photography.

In Munnar, we yearn to look under every rock, scan the gaps between barks and roots, scrutinise tree crevices and spend time around the gurgling streams and puddles to discover and cherish the astounding species that call this wet, wild world – home! So what are you waiting for? Explore our Munnar wildlife tour packages!