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One of the planet’s largest wetlands!

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Pantanal offers one of the best opportunities to observe wildlife in its natural environment. Stretching over 140,000 Sq kilometers, it is the world's largest tropical wetland, full of life.

One of the highlights of our expedition is the chance to spot Jaguars in their natural habitat, particularly along the banks of rivers. The Pantanal is one of the best places in the world to see this big cat.

It is also home to the Giant Anteater, a hard-to-find creature known for its long snout and distinctive markings. Watching these unique animals search for food in the grasslands is a truly unforgettable experience. Another must-see attraction is the giant river otters, one of the Pantanal's most charming residents.

From colorful Macaws to the Jabirus, the Pantanal has been recorded with over 600 different bird species, making it a bird watcher's paradise.

Join us on our Pantanal Wildlife adventure filled with incredible wildlife encounters and beautiful natural beauty!

How is it?

A basin that is a result of the depression of the earth’s crust, it constitutes an epic river delta that will ward away your depression with its wealth of unique wildlife.

The world may regard the Amazon as a great wilderness, but for those with wildlife at heart and camera in hand, the Pantanal has emerged in recent times as a destination second to none.

Hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, flowers, fish and mammals constitute this precious paradise.

Flora are rich, with around 3500 plant species inhabiting the ‘complex’, and the forests are moist tropical Amazonian and semiarid woodland, and grasslands covering the areas of seasonal flood.

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Inarguably, though, the prime attraction of this paradise is the apex predator, who, in all his felinity, is that intoxicating mélange of power, beauty and grace that has inspired an array of consumer products from bathroom fittings to luxury car marquees.

The jaguar was born to dominate your psyche. A solitary predator that enjoys swimming, hunting and biting – for its jaws are twice as powerful as a lion’s — this star of many an ancient Mayan myth is quite literally armed to the teeth. With the looks of a leopard and the habits of a tiger, it commands fandom and elicits total fascination. And in the Pantanal, it comes in size XL as standard.

At 160kg, a male can weigh as much as a lioness, and easily trounce its forest counterpart, which is decidedly smaller. All that stockiness helps because the jaguar is a heavy diner, preferring to fetch its meat from the mart wholesale, and to that end routinely wrestling down big prey that is on the wrong side of 300kg.

While deer, tapir, and capybara — the world’s biggest rodent — are fair game, even the caiman and the mighty anaconda might not escape ending up on the jaguar’s spread if it sets its eyes on them. With a unique killing technique of puncturing the victim’s brain with its lethal fangs, the jaguar packs quite a crack in its jaws and an inescapable magnetism in its eyes that is well worth flying miles to see.

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