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Pristine mountainous wilderness nurturing mammals and birds, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

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At the heart of Patagonia lies Torres Del Paine National Park, a place of unparalleled beauty and natural grandeur. Picture yourself standing in awe before the peaks of this park, feeling the crisp mountain air and the warmth of the sun on your face.

From graceful guanacos to majestic condors soaring high above, you'll see the diverse wildlife that calls this place home. And then there's Puerto Natales, another adventure in Patagonia to photograph beautiful birds.

So come, join us on this journey of a lifetime, where the beauty of Patagonia will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Explore, discover, and embrace the magic this region!

How is it?

Patagonia is a wildly charming wilderness. Expansive and bitingly scenic, it stretches over a handsome part of Argentina and Chile in the southernmost part of South America, spanning a thousand miles from head to toe. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic to the east, it covers a mind-bending area of over 750,000 km2.

It’s in the thick of this sweep, between the great Andes mountain range and the Chilean Steppe, that the Torres del Paine National Park resides, with its glaciers and lakes and rivers and valleys.

Now jettison yourself imaginarily into the midst of this paradise, and you can well see how overwhelming it might be. Then sign up to jettison yourself literally.

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A human population density of less than 2 people per km2 means plenty of space for wildlife. Still, the untouched nature of the wilderness means that the landscape itself is a primary attraction for photography.

But once you’ve stabilised yourself sufficiently to look beyond the achingly pretty scenes, you may do one or more of these:

  • Notice a herd of guanaco sandwiched between a mosaic of white and green and a snow-cloaked hill standing like a giant terrestrial iceberg.
  • Be stunned by the sight of the selfsame guanaco in a live painting, splattered vividly on a canvas of edible buff and radiant amber.
  • Amuse yourself over yet more guanacos perched like llamas on a knoll with mounds of green interspersed among tufts of straw.
  • Be humbled to submission by the jaw-dropping scene of one silhouetted against a red mountain aflame in the brilliance of a setting sun reluctantly leaving the Patagonian turf.