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Located along the gentle curves of the Cauvery River in Karnataka, Ranganathittu is a picturesque sanctuary that beckons both bird lovers and photography enthusiasts. Encompassing 0.67km2 of serene landscapes and islets, it serves as an ideal backdrop to observe the vibrant birdlife in action.

From the elegant flights of spoonbills to the vivid hues of painted storks, Ranganathittu's avian residents create a visual symphony that captivates the senses.

For those passionate about birds and photography, Toehold presents a unique opportunity with its 2-Day Bird Photography Workshop at Ranganathittu. Led by experienced wildlife photographers, this immersive workshop is designed to enhance photography skills amid the enchanting setting of Ranganathittu.

How is it?

You tread upon a tranquil path, climbing amongst luxurious vegetation covering swampy ground. The soothing tune caused by flowing water accompanies you as you move closer to peaceful Ranganathittu.

As you approach the expansive lake, a symphony of avian calls greet your ears, resonating with the rhythm of nature. Sunlight, like liquid gold, filters through the thick canopy, casting a radiant aura upon the water's surface.

Being in Ranganathittu is like stepping into a realm where nature's tunes take centre stage. Surrounded by lush greenery and the melody of bird calls, it's a haven for photographers seeking to capture the vibrant essence of Indian wildlife.

Observing hunting behaviours of birds like Spot-billed Pelicans, Brahminy Kites along with the presence of various other water birds gives a refreshing feel on your boat ride. The air is alive with the gentle rustle of feathers and the melodious trill of songbirds, creating a harmonious chorus that echoes throughout the sanctuary.

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