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The surreal snow leopard among other exotic and endemic wildlife.


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Located within the heart of Spiti Valley, often referred to as 'The Middle Land' for its strategic position between India and Tibet, lies the enchanting Kibber village.

Kibber, positioned at an altitude of around 12,500 feet, is surrounded by the majestic snow-crowned Himalayas, making it one of the coldest regions in India. This captivating village, situated in a cold desert landscape, boasts the distinction of being reputed as one of the highest motorable villages globally.

The broader Spiti Valley, flanked on all sides by the Himalayas, is not only known for its stunning landscapes but also for its rich biodiversity.

The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, encompassing this region, adds to its allure, providing a habitat for diverse fauna, including the snow leopard that roams this mystical land, creating a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados alike.

How is it?

The snow leopards have undoubtedly found a safe haven in these regions as the sightings of these elusive cats are steadily on the rise. In the scantily populated region of Spiti, the residents have not only found a way of coexisting peacefully with these cats but also protect them while earning their livelihoods by being excellent guides to wildlife enthusiasts who visit the area keen on having their Grey Ghost dream fulfilled.

For millennia, the magnificent snow leopards have been kings of the mountains. Their ideal habitat being over 3000 meters above sea level, the mountains are rich with their prey such as blue sheep, ibex, marmots, pikas and hares. Dubbed the Grey Ghost for their elusive and mysterious quality, the very pursuit of this cat is an exhilarating one, to say the least.

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With their powerful builds and long tails which aid in balance, snow leopards are simply the most graceful beings to ever walk the earth. Whether we catch a glimpse of the snow leopard sleeping, eating or just being, photographing its many dispositions is nothing short of making art.

The high elevation of the Himalayas is also home to the Asiatic ibex whose primary predastor happens to be the snow leopard. With its majestic horns, it is truly the most photogenic mountain goat. The Himalayan blue sheep also known as the bharal, flaunts its own curved horns making it royalty in its own right, it is an animal that will tease your keen photographer’s eye with its magnificent camouflaging skills.

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