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A gleaming pearl lodged 80 degrees north.

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Svalbard, an archipelago situated in the Arctic Ocean, is renowned as one of the prime habitats for polar bears in the world. With its icy landscapes and remote wilderness, Svalbard offers a unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Polar bears, the iconic symbol of the Arctic, roam the frozen tundra and icy shores of Svalbard, where they hunt for seals and other marine mammals. As the top predator in this harsh environment, polar bears play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate Arctic ecosystem.

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts flock to Svalbard to catch a glimpse of these magnificent animals, often capturing stunning images against the backdrop of glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Guided expeditions offer visitors the chance to observe polar bears safely and responsibly, ensuring minimal disturbance to their habitat.

How is it?

80 degrees north in the icy Arctic world lies sprawled its most gleaming pearl, Svalbard.

Constituting the northernmost part of Norway, it is an immense archipelago in the Arctic Circle, not far away from the North Pole.

And it is one of the few turfs on our planet where man is still subordinate to the laws of nature, the wild remains untamed and infinity suddenly seems a very real concept.

Mountains with white wigs stand tall carrying glaciers in their laps, picturesque fjords bearing azure icebergs and drift ice cut prettily through the land; and wildlife thrives under the water, on the surface and in the air to remind you that this is not a desolate wilderness, but a living, throbbing wonderland.

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Featuring an Arctic climate, Svalbard is not one of the things best served chilled, as its riches can be savoured mostly only in the summer, when the pack ice is coaxed to release its vice grip and reveal a part of our Frozen Planet that can cause a meltdown of your emotions.

The intoxicating, otherworldly landscape, molded in whimsical colours and shapes by the Polar sun, can give you a happy high even at breakfast time, and although the round-the-clock daylight can be a bit disorienting to even the nocturnal animals of the urban wild, the enchanting wildlife will keep you anchored at all times.