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A labyrinthine network of dusty roads and winding alleys, ruled by the king of the Indian jungle.


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Located in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve offers a picturesque landscape of large lakes surrounded by lush meadows, charming paths winding through bamboo thickets, and a silken river gracefully flowing through valleys below cliffs and caves.

Covering 625km2 in the Chandrapur district, the reserve spans from plains in the south to hills reaching over 300 meters in the north, creating a rich and varied habitat for its majestic inhabitants.

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How is it?

The tiger here haunts the alleyways of Telia, the cul-de-sacs of Kolsa and the precincts of Pandherpauni, and often, it doesn’t shy away from helping itself to some air-time with adoring audiences.

And so, whether it’s a tender cub that has just met the light of the day, its sinuous single mother, a handsome adolescent or a massive male who has seen many a ruthless summer, Tadoba is just the place where you can nurture your striped dreams.
But the tiger is just the icing on a cake that has a melange of flavours.

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Lower down in the food chain is a rich variety of mammals including the chowsingha or four-horned antelope, gaur and nilgai. Sloth bear and the tiger’s predatory foes, the leopard and the Indian wild dog or dhole, sometimes put in a surprise-appearance, while the small carnivores include the small Indian civet and the jungle cat.

In the insect department, there is the signature spider and giant and red wood spiders, while crab, wolf and lynx spiders are on the map too.

The highlight of the reptilian family is the marsh or mugger crocodile, which finds sanctuary in the waters of the Tadoba lake, while the Indian terrapin and star tortoise give it cordial company. Avian life, as in most of India, is bountiful, with nearly 200 species recorded.

It is a full house indeed.

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