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Thattekad, a verdant sanctuary cradled in Kerala's embrace, enchants visitors with its rich biodiversity and scenic splendor. Home to the renowned Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, this biodiverse paradise offers unparalleled opportunities for birdwatching and photography.

Dense foliage hides vibrant treasures like the Malabar Whistling Thrush,  with its striking blue-black plumage and known for its melodious song. You can also  find Kerala's state bird the Great Hornbill which is a majestic sight in the treetops of Thattekad's forests.

With its serene landscapes and rich biodiversity, Thattekad beckons adventurers to immerse themselves in its natural wonders, forging unforgettable memories amidst its verdant embrace. Discover the magic of Thattekad, where every moment is a celebration of nature's unparalleled beauty.

How is it?

Sandwiched between two branches of the Periyar River, the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a little oasis of rare treats. The montane moist deciduous forest forms a fascinating setting that provides sanctuary to more than 250 species.

Famously described by Dr. Salim Ali as “the richest bird habitat in Peninsular India, comparable only to Eastern Himalayas,” it was notified a sanctuary in 1983 and its diminutive size of merely 25km2 is in contrast to the immense riches it harbours.

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