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Toehold Juniors

Toehold’s Junior Events combine the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning in a riotous experience on our unmatched Camps and Workshops for Children. So a love for Nature and art is imbibed in them from a tender age. And mentored by Toehold skippers – the biggest hit with children since Robin Williams – they pave the way for your child to blossom into a green citizen!

Why send your child on a Toehold Camp?

  • Effortlessly educational and immensely fun
  • Toehold’s rich experience in mentoring juniors
  • Events specially designed for juniors
  • Safety and wellbeing of juniors assured
  • Plenty of games and practical exercises
  • Structed topics suited to all accommodated ages
  • Guidance of master photographer

We delivered a memorable summer camps for Juniors. Watch out for the next season of exciting Junior Camps coming soon!

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