Our history traces back to 2010.
Same time as we started crafting the future.
We help you explore, observe and express.
Because it's time to live. Now.
We are led by passionate people.
Because passion breeds excellence.
We have trained more than 9000 people.
We have the largest camera rent inventory.
We lead tours across six continents.
We stop at nothing. Not even the best.
We are India's numero uno travel-and-photography company.
Literally second to none.

The Toehold Team

Behind the famous Toehold quality is a team of accomplished professionals who are highly passionate about not only photography but also helping you excel at it. Between them they carry decades of experience in travel and imagery, and they use it to realise your dream.

Our Team

Jayanth Sharma
Jayanth Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder. Award-winning Wildlife Photographer.

Jayanth Sharma is renowned as a prolific producer of consistently stunning imagery – the kind that is planned in a studio and executed outdoors.

Effortlessly combining natural history and fine-art elements, Jayanth brings back rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains and far corners of the natural world.

Harsha Narasimhamurthy
Harsha Narasimhamurthy

Senior Photography Mentor

His reverence for creatures of the forests marked the beginning of young Harsha Narasimhamurthy’s journeys to National Parks in South India, followed by his devotion to documenting his experiences as photographs. Gifted with keen attention and impressive presence of mind, Harsha is quick to make informed decisions on the field. He considers photography ‘the digital form of painting’, and his work remains true to his learned truth.

Trikansh Sharma
Photography Mentor

Trikansh Sharma, a passionate Nature & Wildlife enthusiast who is blessed with an interest in photography from his father & he started doing it regularly after his 12th class examinations while practicing photography at the streets of Rishikesh, he went to a jungle on a one fine winter morning & fall in love with the Spotted Deer which he saw for the first time in his life & he realised that if only this creature is this much beautiful then how beautiful must be other creatures.

The vision of the management team is amply matched by the passion of our office staff. Proud, motivated and committed to the common goal of excellence, they help ensure we constantly fulfil our mission of being the best at what we do.
Shruthi Sharma

Shruthi Sharma

Resourceful and affable, Shruthi handles the finance and operations of the business.

Shashwat Bhat

Shashwat Bhat 

Operations Manager

Shashwat ensures that our nonpareil expertise on photography reaches avid learners by deftly coordinating our photography workshops in various cities

Pavithra Prashanth

Pavithra Prashanth
Operations Manager Camera Rentals

With a ready zeal to serve as her main tool, Pavithra makes it a breeze to zero in on your dream gear and walk away with it, and a beaming smile for free.

K. M. Ashok

K.M. Ashok
Senior Logistics Executive
Bangalore Rentals

Known to be as punctual as an atomic clock, Ashok delivers equipment – and joy – to your doorstep with the reliability of a Toyota and the élan of an Aston.

Join the Team

At Toehold quality and innovation are the lifeblood of everything we do, so we welcome young and dynamic professionals who are meritorious and passionate about excellence and service. In lieu we offer a work environment that is open, involving, creatively satisfying and immense fun! Review our open positions and apply for a suitable one if you don’t want to leave your heart behind when you go to work every day!