Trikansh Sharma
Photography Mentor

Trikansh Sharma

Photography Mentor.

“I use creative style of nature photography to attract the common man towards nature” says Trikansh.

Trikansh Sharma, a passionate Nature & Wildlife enthusiast who is blessed with an interest in photography from his father & he started doing it regularly after his 12th class examinations while practicing photography at the streets of Rishikesh, he went to a jungle on a one fine winter morning & fall in love with the Spotted Deer which he saw for the first time in his life & he realised that if only this creature is this much beautiful then how beautiful must be other creatures.

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Hence, he started exploring the nearest forest to his house that is Rajaji Tiger Reserve. While developing his interest for wildlife he came to know about all the negative things happening on our planet, like – poaching, wildlife trading, wildlife conflicts etc. So, he started working closely with forest officials, forest tribes & locals in order to learn & understand all aspects of Nature & Wildlife.

While learning photography from every possible place like social media, internet, seniors of field & his own personal field experiences he started developing his interest in artistic/creative wildlife photography. Over a period of time he started exploring different areas to experience the beauty of nature & master his skills in photography.


Glimpses of Trikansh's work