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[…] Contrary to popular belief, Kabini is not a seasonal forest at all. In fact, one of the reasons why we at Toehold prefer Kabini over so many other forests is because there is never a downward slope at the forest. The forest is open throughout the year, and we have had gorgeous sightings in every month of the year. To check out our blog on the other reasons why people love Kabini, click here! […]


[…] The thriving number of Kabini Tiger population coupled with the frequency of their sightings and their increasingly bold nature has made Kabini a veritable haven for the animals, washing away decades of the stereotype that one must make a trip to Central India to spot the country’s national animal. Every day, the forest is chock full of first-time safari-goers looking to see the world’s largest big cat in its natural habitat, in a raw display of its awesome power and grace, or established veteran photographers who have visited the park for years on end, and are hoping to sight some of their favourite tigers and make scintillating images. If this didn’t convince you to pack your bags and make for Kabini, read our blog on Why People Love Kabini!  […]

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