Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini- Where luxury meets nature!

Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini- Where luxury meets nature!

December 23, 2020
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The Kabini Kaav resort provides a one-of-a-kind experience with its exotic, untamed accommodation style. The luxury resort has an air of simplicity in it, which blends it right into the serenity of Kabini’s greenery.

The Kaav safari lodge Kabini is placed along the edge of Kabini, making it a paradise of wildlife and flora, waiting to be explored. The amenities and facilities at Kaav are just as exquisite and refreshing as their surroundings.

Types of accommodations in the Kaav Safari Lodge

The Kaav Kabini signifies quality over quantity and believes in investing the best services to a handful of guests. Therefore, there are just six rooms in Kaav that are divided into two categories. However, they all offer equally luxurious facilities and premier amenities. The types of accommodations provided are:

●       Superior Rooms– They are 200sq.ft. rooms with a private balcony opening into Kabini’s scenic greenery that seem to be in perfect harmony with the subtly designed luxury. The rooms are air-conditioned and include a royal double bed, private bathroom, and electric kettle facility. They provide free toiletries and hairdryer facilities, and wardrobes to keep your luggage safe.

●       Luxury tents– The main attraction of the Kaav Kabini are these fancy accommodation facilities. The set up of the room gives a feel of taking luxury into the jungle with you. Just as the name suggests, these luxury tents make no compromise on the luxury part and provide just as many facilities as a superior room. The aesthetic appeal and raw experience, however, adds to the indulgence of your stay.

Amenities of Kaav

In addition to the accommodation facilities, the Kaav provides other luxurious facilities too. They have an in-property multi-cuisine Alfresco dining facility or even offer in-room dining without compromising your convenience. There are on-request barbecue and bonfire options available to make your friend circle trips even more memorable and unique.

Another attractive spot in the Kaav resort is the viewing deck that opens into a breath-taking forest view. Visitors most like the site for early morning bird-watching sessions and peaceful reading. The Kaav pool is a luxurious pool surrounded by the tall, old trees of Kabini offering shade as you unwind.

The property provides a free parking facility, WiFi facility, and paid transportation to and from the airport or railway station. The residents can also avail of laundry and ironing on additional payment.

Activities in the Kaav safari lodge Kabini

What’s a safari lodge without an adventurous jungle safari? The Kaav lets you venture right into the heart of Kabini jungles and get real close to its extensive range of wildlife. Bandipur and Nagarholeare some of the country’s most accessible places to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. The resort provides experienced guides and naturalists to take you around and get the best of Kabini’s jungle safari experiences.  Our blog “Wildlife of Kabini: A spectacular array of fauna” guides you through the diverse wildlife of Kabini, so that you’ll know what to expect when you’re on a Kabini safari.

The backwaters of Kabini are equally attractive as their forests. A boat ride across the calm expanse of the Kabini river may also let you see an elephant or a bison venture out for a drink. The Kaav offers regular boat rides and the fancy must-experience coracle rides and an even adventurous option of kayaking for its fun-loving guests. But beyond fun, an evening across the still and peaceful Kabini water is indeed a fulfilling experience that should touch a true traveller’s soul straight-away.  Read our blog “10 Reasons why we love Kabini” to understand why Kabini is held so dear by many!

You can also go on a guided nature walk along the parks and reservoirs to have a leisurely evening, learning more about the locality, the indigenous cultures, and soaking in Kabini’s rich wildlife. In due course, you may even spot a few of the 300 different bird species flying around Kabini singing their happy songs.  Read our blog “Birds of Kabini” to know more(upcoming).

There is also an option to go cycling into the countryside and explore local communities in the vicinity. Although Kabini offers little options for street shopping, there are few presents that are a window to the raw tribal cultures of the land.

Are you planning a reservation?

The Kabini Kaav Safari lodge provides special stay-cation packages and reservation facilities according to the season’s demands and specialities. These accounts for both types of accommodation and provide special rates for weekends and weekdays so that you can choose what suits your vacation plans best.

Their Work from the Kaav package is a discounted 8-day package that lets travellers take their time and slowly relish Kabini’s adventures. It is also meant for those wanting a break from routine, despite the work demands. The package includes a tiny Kaav Safari and guided nature walk in the morning to get a hands-on feel of the natural biosphere. Further, activities like coracle boating and cycling through the village and riverside are also fun ideas worth trying. Their package also includes sky gazing at the dark skies blanketing the Kabini forests, and an option for a full board meal plan.

The regular Winter and Summer packages are a standard package for three days and two nights with all standard facilities and activities included. This accounts for a wildlife safari, cycling, nature walks, and coracle boating. An additional disclaimer would be to check the possible reservations with the resort and its blackout dates.

Another attractive package onboard is the Christmas/New year package to make the holidays unforgettable. The facilities and activities offered at Kaav surely promise to end the year on a relaxed, peaceful, and indulgent note.

All these packages are applicable for two guests, and the plan cannot be split. Children below ten years of age are also not allowed in the resort currently. The Superior room’s capacity is ideally two adults and a child, and any extra guest (above 12 years of age) would incur an additional payment. The payment has to be advanced before the package’s commencement, and off-timing check-in/check-out may not be permitted.

Reaching Kabini Kaav resort

The Kaav resort is located in Mysore district. Therefore the easiest option to reach Kaav if you are travelling from a farther distance would be to opt for the Mysore airport or railway station. The resort is barely 70km away from the Mysore railway station. It would be wise to check train arrival timings to be sure how it coincides with the resort’s check-in and check-out times.

By air, the closest option is Mysore airport, which is only 80km away. Finding a cab or private vehicle to Kaav would not be a difficult feat either. Other than the Mysore airport, another option is Kempegowda airport at Bangalore (244 km approx).  Our blog “How to reach Kabini in the best possible way” is the ultimate guide to get to Kabini.


Kaav safari lodge Kabini is one among the few resorts that make sure that the guests minimise their carbon footprint. It is an eco-friendly resort that practises sustainable hospitality and sets a high standard to other ecotourism units. Be it annual plantings of endemic flora or using a biogas plant, Kaav ensures that the footprints they leave behind are traced back and erased. This allows the guests of Kaav to enjoy pristine nature without being guilty about disturbing it! Stay at Kaav and experience the beauty of harmonious coexistence with nature.

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