Red Earth Kabini – A place that echoes the songs of the forest!

Red Earth Kabini – A place that echoes the songs of the forest!

December 23, 2020
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Red Earth Kabini firmly believes in striking the right balance between giving and receiving, when it comes to nature and natural resources. This belief led to creating an unpretentious resort that offers just what it advertises, on land bestowed with the Kabini Dam backwaters’ vistas. At Red Earth Kabini, nature provides respite from hectic schedules, fast-paced living, and unhealthy lifestyles. It is a land where slowing down and engaging with nature is an everyday lifestyle choice.

Kabini is a different world altogether; a world in which you enter and never desire to leave. Kabini’s backwaters and the Nagarhole National Park’s presence create a beautiful world of thriving wildlife that serves as the perfect holiday destination. Read our blog “10 Reasons why we love Kabini” to know more about why people easily fall in love with Kabini!

Red Earth Kabini encapsulates the beauty of the dense woods, lush waterways, and wild habitats to assure an experience of unrivalled diversity and wellbeing for all its visitors.

Red Earth Kabini – Of Backwaters and Breeze

There is no doubt of the biodiversity that thrives in the woods and lands of Kabini. It serves as a hub for flora and fauna. Read our blog “Wildlife of Kabini: A spectacular array of fauna” to know more about the splendid wildlife of Kabini. Add to this mix a wildlife retreat in Kabini Red Earth, and you have a natural gateway to immerse yourself and explore the wild.

Read on for an in-depth exploration of the beliefs and philosophies that make Red Earth Kabini what it is today.

Eco-friendly hospitality

The expanse of the Kabini Red Earth resort lies very close to lush green wildlife featuring a homely atmosphere, luxurious health care facilities, engaging nature activities, spacious accommodations, global cuisines, and an opulent bar. All these modern facilities and more amenities get encompassed in the serene ambience of natural diversity.

Red Earth Kabini places prime significance in realizing eco-friendly tourism through various approaches. Their entire establishment incorporates water, land resources, and energy conservation while supporting and engaging the local community’s aid in the area. Their spirit of conservation is seen in the way the resort was constructed. Built with minimal use of steel and cement, Red Earth is a spectacular and eco-friendly paradise, made mainly out of red mud. Roofs are made of natural grass instead of using cement.

Red Earth Kabini is equally concerned about being healthy and self-sustained when it comes to food. Their menu is based on whatever they harvest on that particular day, consisting of locally sourced and in-house grown fruits and vegetables. So, a stay at Red Earth not only ensures mental wellbeing, but also physical wellbeing.

Types of accommodations in Red Earth Kabini

The sprawling grounds of the Kabini Red Earth resort house spacious and earthy luxurious cottages, in addition to various amenities. Each cottage gets richly decorated with earth-hued décor, essential furniture, and the bare essentials present in any home. Refrigerators, hairdryers, ironing boards can get availed on request. The bed sizes include one double bed and one extra-large double bed, comfy to house three adults and one child or four adults comfortably.

The in-house sitting areas offer lounge options with entertainment facilities as LCD TVs with premium cable channels. Each cottage opens to private patios that overlook the sparkling pool-side vistas. The en suite bathrooms have readily available hot and cold shower facilities with jetted bathtubs. Moreover, you can avail of Jacuzzi’s with full privacy under the open sky while soaking in the cheery sunshine.

Why we recommend staying here overnight

If you seek simplicity in luxury, then the Kabini Red Earth resort is the perfect getaway from everyday mundane life. You will find nothing but peace and comfort in the lap of nature. Every aspect of living in Red Earth Kabini is a labour of love born from the desire to provide uncompromising hospitality.

A trip to the boutique property is a unique opportunity to avail of a responsible and a guilt-free vacation. A few other benefits you can expect from the Red Earth Kabini are as follows.

●       The main priority is to accomplish responsible tourism through every means by going local or self-reliant resource accumulation.

●       Natural means and riches get incorporated to ensure organic living, be it in growing crops, keeping the premises insect-free, or installing an in-house treatment plant to negate the use of septic tanks.

●       Active wellness gets imparted by experienced instructors who walk you through an intimate conversation with yourself. Ayurvedic treatments include spa sessions and therapies that fill the being with bliss and make you one with nature.

●       Unfiltered interactions with the townsfolk and their customs instil a sense of inspiration and wonder at a life lived in the jungle reserve. It becomes easy to recognize the value and appreciate the wonders and gifts of the land you enjoy without a second thought.

●       Guest services are always on-hand to satisfy your desires. The restaurant and bar services cater to your tastes, no matter how diverse. Additionally, the bar lies in a picturesque location on a pleasant on-site water body.

●       Wildlife activities abound around Red Earth Kabini. A jungle safari introduces you to the umpteen species of birds, mammals and reptiles.

●       Let the locals lead you along for pleasant coracle rides along the silent and soothing open-air atmospheres.

Amenities of Red Earth Kabini

As far as wildlife retreats are concerned, not every resort is as self-reliant and self-dependent as the Kabini Red Earth. As mentioned earlier, the foundational belief of curating Red Earth Kabini is all about responsible tourism by balancing the give-and-take relationship of resources and benefits. This environment-first approach enables decision-making that consciously curbs harmful activities and instead focuses on sustaining the available land.

You never have to worry about leaving a carbon footprint behind with Red Earth Kabini catering at your service. A few notable salient features of the eco-friendly resort are as follows.

●       The primary attributes of Red Earth Kabini are present for all to see in their rewilded gardens and eco-friendly cottages nestling amid natural green growth. Moreover, the pesticide-free organic farms and a lake dedicated to the land build a home for all the resident flora and fauna.

●       The tranquil aura that comes with the accommodations owes its curation to locally sourced Adobe Architecture.

●       The Poshini Restaurant serves global cuisines catering to vegetarian and non-vegetarian clientele. A lot of effort goes into curating the menu, which differs daily based on the combination of the day’s harvest and the guest profiles.

●       The Wetlands Bar offers more than mere entertainment, doubling as a new place to unwind with indoor games or to meet like-minded people with passions from across the world.

●       The Wonky Monkey Café is another delightful claim on the Red Earth Kabini resort with the Kabini backwaters’ vistas and lush surroundings. Whether you want to dine, have breakfast, or some quick snacks, the ambience of the location remains unrivalled.

●       Kabini Red Earth encourages and supports responsible tourism with minimal use of substantial resources, instead relies on natural raw materials and handmade elements sourced from the tribal natives.

●       Energy conservation, efficient and eco-friendly waste disposal and a rich biosphere of home-grown flora are a few more efforts made by Red Earth Kabini in giving back to the community.

●       Red Earth Kabini also serves as a dream destination for intimate weddings amidst excellent hospitality and natural beauty.


Even though the Red Earth Kabini is a retreat incorporating nature in every aspect of living, you can avail of all services that make for a great vacation. An on-site mini-market, local shops selling local handicrafts, packed lunches for spontaneous picnics, facilities for couples and newlyweds, family-friendly activities, and wellness facilities, as well as amenities for the disabled, are available at your service.

96% of the staff at RedEarth Kabini are from nearby localities. The workforce is trained and given support until they gradually move up the ladder to take on leadership roles. Working closely with several NGOs, Red Earth also helps revive dying folk art, tribal dance and music forms by giving a platform to such communities. The tribal people who work with Red Earth perform and cook for the guests, thus preserving their way of life.

Read our blog “Remarkable culture and history of Kabini forest” to know more about the local tribes. The mesmerising jungle safari, the beautiful Chorus walk for birders, the enticing spa and the coracle ride in the magical waters of Kabini make Red Earth Kabini an ideal getaway. There is never a dull moment when you are here. So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at Red Earth and experience Kabini like never before!

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