The Bison Resort Kabini – An outstanding waterfront luxury camp

The Bison Resort Kabini – An outstanding waterfront luxury camp

January 4, 2021
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Nature can be experienced at it’s best when you’re at The Bison Resort, Kabini. The horizons stretch as far as the eye can see, with nothing but the endless sky and dense forests, filled with rich wildlife. Read our blog ”Wildlife of Kabini: A spectacular array of fauna“ to know more about Kabini wildlife. Once you step into the wilderness of The Bison Kabini, you will never want to leave. The serene resort lies on the Kabini River’s shores, at the confluence of the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks, offering the natural locale’s beauty with a delicate balance of rustic and modern influences.

If you seek solace from the hectic schedules of every day, Kabini offers the perfect detoxifying wilderness in which to lose yourself. You can expect a rustic yet luxurious life at the edge of adventure in the amenities and company that the resort and its limited inhabitants offer.

Bison Resort Kabini – Natural living for the love of the wild

A short stay at the Bison Resort Kabini is a gratifying experience of leaving behind civilisation and accepting the beauty of raw nature. The days and nights are equally tranquil, reflecting the true beauty of Kabini. Read our blog “10 Reasons why we love Kabini” to get a better understanding of why Kabini is so beloved.

Bison Resort, Kabini is the only property in the vicinity that furnishes the best in-house game-viewing of flora and fauna. Your journey on Camp and in the safari is sure to offer glimpses into the wild residents’ naturally elusive habitat.

Read on to explore the ambience you can expect from the Bison Resort Kabini.

On the banks of the serene backwaters

As the saying goes, the journey is always better than the destination. However, that might not be true when you stay in the Bison Resort in Kabini, as you drive into an exclusive, unique, and verdant looking resort. The Bison offers picturesque views of Kabini’s lush pastoral and wild surroundings throughout the day.

The fatigue of travel melts away at the sight of the boutique camp, situated near the thickset forest. The African style accommodations blend seamlessly with the spectacular location, giving you a taste of exclusivity all around.

The Base Camp at Bison Resort Kabini

Upon arrival, you receive a wonderful greeting of stunning views overlooking the river and the surrounding green expanses. The more time you spend walking around the camp, the more you appreciate the significance of its location.

Living here is akin to experiencing a slice of rustic, yet luxurious life in the wild. Deer, Leopards, Elephants and Wild boars are sometimes sighted around the camp. Count yourself lucky if you happen to spot a leopard prowling the moon-lit fields. Our blog “Elusive and awesome Kabini Leopards- Why are they relatively easy to see and photograph?”, takes you to the realm of the leopards of Kabini.

At the Camp, you will find an observation deck where the most amazing natural vistas reside. You can readily partake of their views from dusk to dawn, as you so desire, not to forget the intermittent glimpses of wildlife in their natural habitats.  

Let us now take a look at what the Bison has to offer in terms of its accommodation.

Types of accommodation in the Bison Resort Kabini

The Bison Resort leaves no stone unturned to furnish the most elaborate rustic setting of a bygone era. Its accommodations reflect their specialities, some being waterfront, and others elevated or tucked into a cosy niche.

Here is a brief description of the accommodations the Bison Resort Kabini offers exclusively to its visitors.

  • Full-Waterfront Luxury Tents

The Bison Resort is primarily inspired by the African style of wild living, readily incorporating East-African style influence with glimpses of Raj’s old hunting lodge styles. Spectacular views of the Kabini backwaters, the setting sun, and life in the wild are the waterfront tents’ primary features.

The architecture and interiors get elegantly embellished to inspire a distinctly luxurious yet straightforward aura. Each tent, imported from Africa, consists of a sturdy canvas draped structure with a thatched roof. Wooden flooring, necessary furniture, a king-sized bed, and a walk-in bathroom serve as the interiors. Also, an outdoor veranda bears chairs overlooking the forest.

  • Rustic Machans

The Rustic Machans are spacious luxury rooms that sit on elevated ground, furnishing an entirely different rustic-cum-customised living experience. Their interior décor is similar to the waterfront rooms interior décor, with the difference of a single sleeper bed and plush couches for lounging. The outdoor veranda, which stands 20ft above the ground, provides stunning views of the lush and verdant surroundings.

  • Private Bush Tents

As the name suggests, these Bush tents offer privacy in nature located in a greenery-surrounded area. Similar in orientation and interiors to the Waterfront tents, the Bush tents are slightly larger in comparison. They do not offer waterfront views but still incorporate a pleasant ambiance of natural seclusion. Come sunrise or sunset, the rooms get bathed in surreal vistas and shades of the changing nature.

  • Suite Cottage

Families yearning for the Victorian style of living will find the Suite Cottage at the Bison Resort Kabini to be the perfect getaway. The cottage living space is a beautiful setting with niche and wooden furniture, offering a home away from home. With carpeted floors, a secondary bedroom in the loft, a spacious bathroom, and a ground-floor bedroom make for a regular Victorian-styled residence.The Suite Cottage is a partially tented living space, with lush natural surroundings in which to revel.

  • The Little Bison

Mimicking the entire experience of the resort in two exclusively luxurious tent rooms is The Little Bison. Personalisation is the central theme that underlies living in this luxury tent. The two tents share private dining and lounge spaces accompanied by breathtaking views of the surrounding jungles, the Kabini reservoir, and the vast open sky. What makes the essence of The Little Bison unique is the personalised attention showered by private valets, bonfires, open-sky bubble baths, outdoor showers, distinguished dinners, and so much more!At Bison Resort Kabini, the limited accommodation allows for tranquil living atmospheres and exclusive services. Spoiling yourself in the lap of nature was never this easy!

Benefits of a trip to the Bison Resort Kabini

If you are looking for something different from the stereotypical pseudo-jungles within a city, The Bison Resort Kabini is your favoured destination. The umpteen activities offered exclusively at the Bison Resort will melt your heart with their outdoorsy extravagance! Here is a quick list of all the benefits you can avail from a trip to the Bison Resort Kabini.

  • Wonderful living atmosphere
  • Occasional sightings of wildlife like Elephants, gaur, sambar, wild boar and deer from the comfort of rooms and the Observation deck
  • Prioritised safety with authentic wildlife experience
  • Unique African styled Tented Camp with luxurious living spaces
  • Highly personalised activities for an indulgent and enriching vacation experience
  • Exclusive activities like Bush Dinners, Backwater Breakfasts, SunDowners, Night Motor Boat Rides, and Romantic Pool-side Dinner
  • Everyday activities like Safaris, Sunset Boating, Photography Lessons, Coracle and Motorboat Rides, Bird Watching, and Daring Night Walks

Amenities of the Bison Resort Kabini

The allure of the Bison River Resort Kabini lies in the secluded nature of its campus. The unrivaled views you experience at the Bison are a result of its location overlooking the Nagarhole Tiger Reserves’ tourism zone. This exclusive placement of the resort and the curated living conditions maintained by the enthusiastic team of individuals are its primary features. A few other salient features can be addressed as follows.

  • Experiential travel experience for guests and nature explorers alike
  • Personalized stay and activities on offer
  • Safaris that offer an in-depth look into the beauty of the woods
  • Neighbor to the habitats of Leopards, Tigers, Asiatic Elephants, Wild Boars, and more wildlife
  • Only African styled Tented Camp in South India
  • Minimal crowd and noise
  • A living far from civilisation
  • Fabulous game viewing
  • Thrilling activities like Adventurous night walks to track nocturnal creatures
  • Rustic and luxurious living amidst the wilderness


Being the only property in Kabini that overlooks the tourism zone of the forest, The Bison offers spectacular sightings, both from the camp and on Safari! With their breathtaking location, accommodation, and services, a complete wilderness experience is something that happens naturally.

Soak in the vivid atmosphere of a place away from the city. Make sure to take full advantage of your brief stay here at the Bison Resort Kabini, replete with personalised care and thrilling adventures with the enthusiastic hosts!

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