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Embark on an extraordinary journey with Toehold on our exclusive "Verdant Haven" photo tour to Kabini, the very heart of southern Indian jungles. Over four nights and five days, immerse yourself in the allure of lush green landscapes and the majestic wildlife that defines Kabini's essence.

Capture the mesmerising beauty of Kabini during its prime season with not just one, but eight safari opportunities. Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded wildlife and nature enthusiasts, forging connections and sharing moments of pure joy in the wild.

Join us now for an unforgettable adventure where every click tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to be amazed by Kabini's unparalleled charm.

6- 10 Feb, 2025



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As you explore Nagarhole National Park, the lush green expanses that unfold like a vibrant painting, showcasing nature's magnificence. The stunning landscapes not only provide a picturesque backdrop but also invite you to immerse yourself in the rich diversity of wildlife that thrives here.Wandering through the park, the serene surroundings along the Kabini River add another layer of charm.

The gentle flow of the river creates a soothing melody that complements the natural beauty, elevating your senses.Imagine yourself surrounded by this symphony of nature, where every rustle of leaves and ripple in the water tells a story of the wild.For wildlife enthusiasts, every moment brings a new discovery, with the park revealing its hidden treasures.

Nature lovers will find solace in the harmonious balance between flora and fauna, transforming the park into a sanctuary for diverse species nestled within the embrace of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

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Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: Check-in, Afternoon Safari and Overnight in Kabini.

Day 2, 3 & 4: Morning and Afternoon Safaris.

Day 5: Morning Safari, Check-out and Dispersal.

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INR 95,000

Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation



Per Couple on Twin Share Accommodation

Toehold Patrons

INR 94,000

Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation

Toehold Patrons and Couples enjoy a special discount of INR 1000/- per person.

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What our customers say

I had high expectations for Toehold's photography tour to Kabini, and they were surpassed in every way possible! From perfect travel arrangements to perfect location, from perfect food to amazing learning sessions of photography, it was worth doing again and again.

Titiksha Bhardwaj
Uttar Pradesh

Thanks to Toehold's expert guidance and impeccable planning, my photography skills flourished during the Verdant Haven tour. Plus, the comfort and extravagance of the resorts made it feel like a true retreat.

Rajesh SB

I can't recommend Toehold's Verdant Haven tour enough! Toehold team not only helped me capture stunning wildlife shots but also provided valuable insights that improved my photography skills immensely. All logistics were very well arranged, I just love this tour.

Vijay Bhat

Verdant Haven with Toehold was an absolute dream! From the knowledgeable skipper guiding us through the intricacies of wildlife photography to the luxurious accommodations, every aspect of the tour was top-notch. I am coming back in a few months.

Sagar Dhasmana
New Delhi

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6- 10 Feb, 2025
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