Toehold Photography Tours
If you're a photography enthusiast keen to make the most of a vacation, Toehold's Photo Tours are the perfect answer. Meticulously designed to generate not only a myriad of photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience, they're simply the best way in which to explore a place with a camera, with professional photographers, whose knowledge of
the place is immense and love for it intimate.
Why go on a Toehold Tour?
  • Carefully planned to maximise photo opportunities
  • Led by professional photographers
  • Supported by over 100 years' collective experience
  • Hands-on photography assistance in the field
  • Extensive learning off-field
  • Image-reviews, post-processing and presentations
  • Photography equipment available on rent
  • Post-Tour guidance, advice and assistance
What our Skippers have to say

Tours for All Seasons. And Unending Excitement for You.
With some of the planet's best destinations on the calendar, our Tours have something for everyone. And delivering effective photography-instruction, hands-on assistance and subject-knowledge transfer, they combine the pleasures of experiential travel and learning in a way that is as fun as enriching. Pick from our exhaustive range of Tours below to kickstart your journey through your heart now, and let yourself loose on the world for an unending period of excitement.

Closed But Not Shut
Bookings for the following Tours are closed.
If you're interested in joining any of them, please leave a message, and we'll notify you if a place opens up due to cancellation.

Rainforest Revelation
Borneo, Malaysia
OCT 24-31, 2017  (7N/8D)
Skipper: Sachin Rai

In the world's oldest rainforest with top photographer Sachin Rai, feel timelessness and experience bewitchment. Be taken over by Borneo.
FULL - Bookings closed
Tiger Fortress
Ranthambhore, Rajasthan
OCT 25-29, 2017  (4N/5D)
Skipper: Phillip Ross

Fortify your bond with the 'world's favourite animal' at the world's most famous Tiger Fortress on this Photo Tour to Ranthambhore.
FULL - Bookings closed
Fair Affair
Pushkar, Rajasthan
OCT 28-31, 2017  (3N/4D)
Skipper: Rajiv Shyamsundar

In a sandy world feast on an opulent show of royalty and experience a place where everything is a 'Thar Attraction'
FULL - Bookings closed
Divine Abode
Cambodia, Asia
DEC 2-7, 2017  (5N/6D)
Skipper: Rajiv Shyamsundar

Witness divinity in stone and bring it to life in images in the beautiful temples of Cambodia.
FULL - Bookings closed
Tiger Solstice
Ranthambhore, Rajasthan
DEC 13-17, 2017  (4N/5D)
Skipper: Sachin Rai

Seeing tigers is moving enough but spending an entire day in their pursuit is surreal. Enter to experience the ethereal.
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Big Cat Week
Masai Mara, Kenya
DEC 27, 2017 - JAN 1, 2018  (5N/6D)
Skipper: Jayanth Sharma

Move in with the big cats for a week, and see your admired documentaries coming alive in the Mecca of Wildlife.
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Desert Storm
Kutch, Gujarat
JAN 11-14, 2018  (3N/4D)
Skipper: Rahul Sachdev

Uncover the 'plain truths' of a desert wilderness and go after the high-fliers of the 'Rann way' on this Photo Tour to the crème of wild Gujarat.
FULL - Bookings closed
Wild Riches of the Lower Himalaya
Corbett, Uttarakhand
FEB 12-17, 2018  (5N/6D)
Skipper: Sachin Rai

Rewind time, dive into India's oldest Tiger Reserve and discover the extraordinary biodiversity of Jim Corbett's Kumaon.
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