Gitzo G1548 Carbon Fiber Tripod for Rent in Bengaluru

500 Incl. GST

Gitzo G1548 Carbon Fiber Tripod for Rent in Bengaluru

Specs: Leg Sections – 4, Max Height – 5.75ft, Capacity – up to 600mm/800mm Lens with Extender and Camera Body, Weight – 3.72kg

Use: Wildlife, Sports

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The Gitzo G1548 Carbon Fiber Tripod provides a rock-solid base for large and heavy camera and lens setups including a Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS Lens mounted on a Wimberley Gimbal Head.

While the 3-Series Gitzo can adequately hold an image-stabilized lens the size of a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS Lens or a Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS Lens, the G1548 provides a stiffer, stronger base to help achieve the sharpest image possible. The downsides to stepping up to 5-Series Gitzos are the price and size/weight. If you do not need to carry your equipment too far, the Gitzo G1548 Carbon Fiber Tripod will perform somewhat better.

The 5-Series Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripods are not available with a center column, but the G-1518 Mk2 Carbon Fiber Rapid Column can be purchased as an accessory. Using a flat plate base alone will give the most rigid setup, but my experience with the Gitzo 3-Series Rapid Column has been quite good.

The G1548 extends to 58 3/4″ and can be positioned as low as 5 3/4″ (no, I didn’t miss a digit). Retracted, the G1548 measures 23.25″. Total weight is 6.75 lbs. The Gitzo G1548 Carbon Fiber Tripod has 4 sections and rubber feet.


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