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Go where your heart takes you.

We offer 3 kinds of travel services.

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We offer photo toursgroup tours, or customised tours

Our planet is soaking in the sentient delight of its own existence. And is full of places that let you tune into it. Places that make your irreversible faith in the beauty of life disestablish time. So pack your curiosity along and take a plunge.

To be drenched in the delicate golden light of a dawn. To rejoice in the divine dusk inviting a night with all its moon lust. To hear the pillars and the birds croon of their unsung creators. To discover what casts the ocean’s eyes aloft to that unspeaking, unhearing heaven.

Don’t taste a bit. Taste it all. Don’t live a little. Live fully. Starting now. And let us plan it. So the pain is not for you, but the joy is all yours.

Jayanth Sharma Speaks

We cater to 3 different kinds of travelers.
Which one are you?

There are three different ways to explore any destination with us. Depending on the kind of traveller you are, we welcome you to choose your preferred travel package.

Photo Tours

Our team of ace photographers will guide you on exciting Photo Tours to ensure you come back with not only great travel memories but also some stunning photographs

Wildlife/Culture Group Tours

Exploring the world with like-minded travel enthusiasts is surely an exciting human experience. Our fixed departure Group Tour Packages are a safe and fun way to travel for individuals or families alike.

Customised Tours

For families and individuals who want a tailor-made holiday to suit their personal needs, we invite you to explore our vast array of custom tour packages.

Guided Photography Tours

With some of the planet’s best destinations on the calendar, our Photo Tours have something for everyone.

And delivering effective photography-instruction, hands-on assistance and subject-knowledge transfer, they combine the pleasures of experiential travel and learning in a way that is as fun as enriching.

Pick from our exhaustive range of Photo Tours below to kick-start your journey through your heart now, and let yourself loose on the world for an unending period of excitement.

Costarica Photo Tour
A Toehold Photo Tour participants

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Guided Group Tours

We offer Group tours for anyone interested in nature, wildlife or culture. On these group tours you are guided by a tour-guide and participants need not be interested in photography. The group is not guided by a photographer, but an expert in the destination or subject. Take advantage of the economics of group travel, not compromising on your safety and quality of experience.

We currently have no fixed departures or group tours.
We are a bit slow on this front in the present COVID-19 crisis. Please visit this section soon for updates.

Group Tour Departures

Customised Tours

Most of Toehold's patrons surely want to go on a custom tour, or a tailor-made holiday at some stage. Where the package is designed exclusively for you, your family or your friends and group.

Taking advantage of everything Toehold has to offer in terms of guidance, experience and subject matter expertise during the planning and operation phase of the tour, this service of ours is aimed at individuals, families who have their own dates, their own agenda and their own style of travel, but need a toehold to manage the show while they focus on the best part of travel - being there and having fun.

Interested? It’s easy. Call us on 1800 1200 901 (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.) or simply fill this form, and we’ll get back to you like the whirring wind.

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Reviews by Tour Participants

Ranjani Narayanan
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The last six months during Covid was depressing. The shining light was my trip with Toehold and Harsha to the beautiful kabini forest. A truly memorable trip with some stunning sightings and bucket load of photographs but more importantly, some precious insights and knowledge gained from Harsha on wildlife photography.

Most of us know Harsha as an amazing cat tracker. But he is a truly wonderful teacher as well. Whether you are an expert wildlife photographer or a beginner, there is always something to learn from him on the field. Some of the sightings have left me emotionally drained. It will take some time to get back to normal life.

Thank you Harsha for being a wonderful teacher and friend. Thank you Toehold for al the safe arrangements. We couldn’t have asked for more. I highly recommend Toehold for your wildlife adventures. Stay safe.
Akash Valke
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I thought I was just "lucky" this time. But during next rounds I realised how Harsha's experience, knowledge of the forests, the cats and their territory ended up with 8 big cat encounters. His superb ability to read the signs and quick thinking gave us a few exclusive sightings that I had only imagined in my dreams. When the other groups were lucky enough to get 2/3 sightings our group had plenty of sightings including the Big 5 of Kabini and not because we were "lucky" but because we had Harsha Narasimhamurthy with us. His on the field tips and advice not only helps beginners but the seasoned photographers as well. He takes time out to see everyone's pictures and is a very good critic as well. Thank you Harsha, for setting a new benchmark for Toehold and I can't wait to travel with you on many more photo tours! Also a big thank you to Jayanth and rest of the Toehold team as well!
Balaji N
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*12 Individual cats* - _7 Tigers, 5 Leopards_ Big Five of Kabini - Leopard on a tree, Tiger head on, Dholes mating/playing, Gaur fighting and Tuskers charging.

Toehold and Harsha have helped us feel 2020 is not so bad. This has got be my best trip after Ranthambore , Oct 19. I have always trusted Harsha’s instincts as a master tracker. His intuitions led us to some exclusive sightings that were special. He is special. Thanks my friend. Toehold allayed our fears with impeccable arrangements and precautions during COVID times. As we wrap up another successful trip with Toehold, I take back with me, a lot of good memories, good photographs and some wonderful friends for life. Kabini is not all about Black. To me, Orange is the new Black.
Arnab Basu
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The experience in Kabini with Toehold was mind blowing. We were also lucky to see all five flagship species of Western Ghats during our trip i.e., Bengal Tiger, leopard, Gaur, Elephant and Dhole. Besides wildlife sighting I particularly enjoyed our skipper Haraha's photography teaching and liked his knowledge on wildlife and natural history... looking forward to do more such trips with Toehold and Harsha.
Sanya Gupta
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"If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love."

This quote precisely describes our very own well known Cat Man, Mr. Harsha Narasimhamurthy. This was my first ever wildlife trip and to be mentored by Harsha was like icing on cake. We got to witness "The Big 5 of Kabini" in action and I'm lucky to have experienced it during the beautiful monsoons. We were lucky to witness Harsha at his best to track and spot a leopard and tiger with the calls made by Langoors and Deers, which was a great experience. Harsha's energy resonated in the team and my knowledge about wildlife has definitely increased by bounds since the start of the tour. Harsha and the Toehold team have been very warm and caring of all our needs during the stay. I can't wait to be back in Kabini. Thank you Harsha for making this trip a memorable and learning experience.