PanPod for Rent in Bengaluru

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PanPod for Rent in Bengaluru

Have a photography beanbag? Meet your most useful accessory.

PanPod. A high-quality tool designed specifically for beanbags. Because while beanbags are great at providing support, they’re not as good at letting you move your lens from side to side without accidentally moving the focus.  Even deliberately changing focus by tweaking the ring is an onerous task on a beanbag, since the ring would be resting on the surface.

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Toehold’s PanPod resolves these problems by deftly combining the best of tripod and beanbag ergonomics in one smooth pan.  Its surface rests flatly on your beanbag, while the pan head lets you swivel your lens smoothly and stably without the lens ever touching the beanbag surface.  The head is beautifully damped so it’s perfect for videos too.

Made of an aluminium alloy and designed cleverly to stay light, PanPod will add a whole load of convenience to your shooting without contributing an awful lot of weight to your kit!


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