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  • The Art and Science of Photography Course (10 Hours / 20+ Chapters Detailed Course)


    Photography is an art as well as a science. That’s why this course delves into both. It starts with the basics, addresses the advanced, and polishes the nuances. In sum, it will turn the camera and photography concepts into extensions of your body and mind. So matters of exposure, focusing and metering don’t stand in your way when you wish to capture a unique moment. Or translate your glorious vision into an unforgettable picture.

    This course is comprehensive, thorough, handpicked 20+ Chapters that promises to empower you with a strong foundation in your long journey of photography. This is the course Toehold offers over weekends for 11 years. But the online version of the course comes with a lot more information, instructional design, animation and examples. Carry the course anywhere in the world, on your smartphone by having offline access.

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