Landscape Photography (90Mins Course)

Standing in front of a stunning landscape, photographers often wonder how to compose a picture and do justice to it. While a wide-angle lens is a powerful lens that captures a very wide, field of view, it is also a lens that is seldom used well by photographers. Using a wide-angle lens to compose a gripping landscape is a skill that involves the art as well as the science of photography.

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You are entitled to enjoy this course/recording for a year as a commitment from Toehold.

Learn from ace wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma about the art of Landscape Photography in this masterclass spanning 90minutes.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Visualising & Composing Gripping Landscapes
  • Focusing & Exposing Landscapes including northern lights and star trails
  • Working with conventional light & back light for landscapes
  • Understanding ND & ND Grad Filters and applications
  • CPL filter use cases and applications
  • Accessories required for Landscape Photography
  • Post-processing Landscapes in Lightroom


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