Five High-Altitude Lake Treks You Must Do When You Still Can

When you are gasping for breath on treks in high altitudes, allow yourself some rest by a lake and listen to its soft sounds. And such a visceral experience high up on the mountains taking your breath away is another story.  We bring you a list of five high altitude lake treks that will reside in the deepest crevices of your memory for a long, long time.


1. Tso Moriri Lake Trek

In the Land of High Passes lies India’s largest high altitude lake, Tso Moriri. The lake is at its glorious best in summer, when it is fed by spring and snow-melt in the mountains, which makes your trek a much-needed break from the heat of Indian summer.

The journey to the Lake itself is known to be picturesque, and the closed basin that Tso Moriri is, is cradled by hills, like there isn’t a world outside this pristine circle at whose base it stands still, reflecting what falls upon it gently. When you are there, we hope you watch out for the soft reflections.


2. Green Lake Trek

Another scenic trail through the forests in Sikkim that can inflict sweet spiritual pangs on your being is the Green Lake Trek. The base camp of the trek is mount Kanchendzonga, which is on the Zemu glacier in north Sikkim. It still happens to a region largely unexplored, and offers a splendid walk with the many different flowers such as rhododendron, various types of primulas and blue poppies singing their songs of hues in bloom.

The trek is a treat for birders too, and you will hear the soft gurgle of waterfalls on both sides of the trail, which can even see if you make time before reaching Green Lake. Not to forget, the mountain-child in you will be on the perfect trek as the peaks of Kanchendzonga at the head of the valley never fail to amaze a person badly affected with wanderlust too.


3. Roopkund Trek

If you were wondering if there was a single trek that could allow you the grand views of snow-capped mountains, meadows sprawling for as long as your vision can spread out to, dense forests interspersed with lakes, folklore to satiate your thirst for stories, then it’s time for you to be euphorically happy, because that’s what the Roopkund Trek is all about!

Also dubbed as the ‘Mystery Lake’ or the ‘Skeletal Lake’, Roopkund is also known for the intriguing detail that human skeletons are found in and around it in many hundreds. However, it has only added more curiosity to the whole adventurous mood of this lake trek. Wait not until some fancy epiphany strikes you; make it to the trek whose trails will make you feel like you are in a sequence of some surreal dream!


4. Tso Lhamo Trek

A piece of the azure sky might have fallen onto the lap of the mountains in Sikkim. The Tso Lhamo lake, known as one of the lakes located at the highest altitudes in the world, is at an elevation of 17,100 feet.

The alluring blue shade of the waters and a plethora of migratory bird species will entice nature-lovers and there is hardly any recovery from such severe beauty. The amazing panoramic view of the massive mountains is just another throw-in into the already breath-taking view of the Tso Lhamo Lake.


5. Kedar Tal Trek

Time for more mythology: Lord Shiva contributes to a source stream of the River Ganga, called Bhagirathi, the glacial lake that melts and flows down the mountains to join the Ganges at Gangotri. The rugged, rocky terrains will demand you to be a sure-footed adventurer. But when you reach Kedar Tal, whose emerald waters are reflecting the majestic Brigunath Peak and the Thalay Sagar, you know all the energy you spent on the trek was worth it.

Being in the Himalayan mountains and witnessing a place that brims with not only natural beauty but also the most fascinating mythological aspect is an experience that’s second to none. And for those who like wildlife, there is more in store during the trek: the Himalayan black bear, ghoral, bharal and fox are some of the animals you might have a chance of seeing.

While you mull over what lake trek you want to apply that long due vacation, we will take leave until next week and return with five more lake treks in the high altitudes you might want to add to your bucket list. May unbearable beauty keep happening to you!

To experience any of the above treks, just give us a shout and our Custom Travel Services team will arrange it to perfection.

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