An Earth Devotee’s Love Letter on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, here’s a touching love letter from an ardent devotee of the planet to that which is the source of all love and all that’s loved. Here’s a love letter to Earth.

Dear, dear Earth, my heart’s delight,

How generously you give me the natural ability to behold and savour your beauty and to stay athirst for more! How you make me hunger for it even with all the horror that could possibly befall me in its pursuit!


© Jayanth Sharma


This pining for beauty might not be an informed, dignified emotionalism. But neither is it just an intellectual vigour to question, fathom, deduce and arrive at a conclusion. Nor is it deluded hope for some sort of enlightenment.

It’s just these flickers of intuitive marvel – an unbridled, coruscating curiosity, an internal atmosphere of consistent want to evolve.

As young and crude as it is, this single-pointed affection and loyalty to you, this free and intimate and unmotivated love for life, strives for poise and equilibrium and peace. And for a deeper awareness of the very existence of me.


Earth Love
© Jayanth Sharma


Dear Earth, the only life-nurturing home,

Your own maternal love not only awakens an all-encompassing love in me but also hones it with infinite patience. This devotion in me isn’t beggary at the feet of something higher and magnanimous; it is just a human effort to pervade the gently astonishing beauty of all life you foster right here.


© Jayanth Sharma


If being bereft of despair as well as desire is liberating, filling these crassly selfish senses with everything you have to offer also is. And even if I sometimes shy away from doing the latter, how you insist with your grand charming ways! How beautifully devious you can be! And how you allure me like this and emancipate me in this very enchantment – from flesh and blood to something mysterious and beyond.


© Rajiv Shyamsundar


Dearest blue celestial wonder,

Today, I have found the love of my life. Today, you have enabled a lover’s attunement with her ever-loving beloved, devoid of all fear and all doubt – yourself. Today, you have restated love for me in different light, in different meanings… meanings that were never obligated to language.


© Rajiv Shyamsundar


Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest companion, my truth, my Earth.

Strangely yours, always yours,
Your admirer

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