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Wildlife viewing is never dull in Kenya, and patience is often rewarded with unique sightings

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In Kenya, life dances to the rhythm of the wild! From the expansive plains of the Masai Mara to the glistening waters of Lake Nakuru, every corner of this East African wonderland beckons to nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Picture the excitement of spotting big cats prowling through the jungle, Cheetahs racing across the savannah, or Hippos lounging in the sun-kissed rivers. It's a spectacle that captivates the soul and ignites the senses, a paradise for wildlife lovers.

Join us on this journey and immerse yourself in the wonders of Kenya's majestic wildlife. Don't miss the chance to witness these magnificent creatures thriving in their natural habitat!

How is it?

To the green at heart, a mention of Africa evokes its primordial picture — plains, prey and predators teaming up to spawn the most spectacular wilderness site on the planet, where large animals still maraud wild and free. And Kenya is its best showpiece.

It doesn’t matter that the Roget’s Thesaurus doesn’t say so, but this East African country named after its highest peak really is a synonym for ‘ecological affluence’. With over ten national parks and nature reserves harbouring bounteous wildlife that is easy to view, Kenya is the crème of wild Africa. And that means if you haven’t visited the continent yet, this is your chance. We suggest you grab it.

For Kenya is a venue for all seasons. Such is the opulence of its natural treasures, that an infertile visit under Toehold’s guidance at any time of the year is as unlikely as a deluge in the Atacama. Even in the rains.

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May marks the end of the first of the two annual wet seasons in Kenya. Nourished by the long rains, the grasslands and the woods alike spring spectacularly back to life and shine resplendently in verdant green.

The myriad dramas, the triumphs and the tragedies that compose life in the wild show up in a mélange of hues. And topping this spectacle is a blessing from the weather god, who is known to let His hair down at around this time every year.

As the day advances, a dark grey curtain of clouds hoists itself down the distant horizon ahead. Behind you, the nomadic wind, never one to be stopped in its ceaseless flight, nudges the water-bearers, exposing for now the nearest star which seizes the moment to bask in its own glow by shining with full resplendence even as a rainbow graces the sky as a giant ornament.

In an instant, everything before you has turned into an impossibly exquisite canvas of golden éclat; memories of a lifetime have become enshrined in a moment of magic. It happens only in Africa.