Memory Card Wallet


If you’re a collector of memories, meet your bottomless basket of storage. Toehold’s Memory Card Wallet is a compact, elegant, handy container that can house up to 10 CF cards and several SD cards (and even business cards, if you like!).

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Memory Card Wallet is designed smartly to shut without noisy zip flies or Velcro strips, it slips comfortably into your shirt, trouser or jacket pocket, and is easily attached to belts and bags, making it conveniently portable.  So when you’re firing away at a brisk pace to seize moments that make you feel like you’ve tasted timelessness, you don’t fumble to pull out more ingestive cartridges!

Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. It can be washed and dried when needed.

Very. Made of ripstop PU-coated fabric, the Memory Card Holder stores your cards in supreme comfort.

No; it does not fade easily. You can use it to protect memory cards from damage for a long time.
It can stand a mild drizzle, but it’s better if you keep it in your backpack instead of slipping it into your pocket in heavy rain.
Touch fastening allows us to avoid a Velcro strip or a zip fly. This helps you maintain silence if you’re opening or closing it in the wild, and lasts longer too.
Yes; it does. And it is so reasonably priced that it fits your pocket in more ways than one!

Well, we’re afraid that it doesn’t. Luck is about being prepared. So, all that the product can do is to hold all the memory cards you’ve stuffed with stunning images. To get lucky with the sightings, you will have to travel a lot: choose from the exciting range of Photo Tours that we offer. Bon Voyage!

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 cm

Durable material
Ease of carrying
Touch-fastening closure


Material: Ripstop PU-coated fabric
Colour: Forest green
Media Type: Holds 16 CF or SD cards
Type of Closure: Elastic band
Carrying Options: Carry in pocket
Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects.