Flash & Portrait Photography Bundle

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One of the most mystic gadgets to a beginner photographer and perhaps the least understood is the Flash. Due to the general lack of knowledge in the community of photography enthusiasts, Flash is perhaps highly misunderstood. It is also reasonably mis-used. In this 90 Min webinar class that’s later going to be available for watching the recording, will introduce concepts of basic flash photography and how one can befriend the flash and control it the way it can be best used.

One of the most popular genres of photography, Portraiture is a highly skilled endeavour. While it involves a lot of techniques and science, at the same time, it is a perfect combination of artistic and moody representation of the subject. In this short course which is a follow up of the Flash Photography Course, we delve into specific techniques that involve making artistic portraits.

We learn how to render portraits in Natural light as well as some really cool studio lighting techniques.



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Learn from ace wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma the techniques and tips on Flash & Portrait Photography in bundle of two courses spanning 120 minutes and 90minutes respectively.

What will you learn in this course?

Introduction to Flash Photography

Portrait Photography