Creativity – A Form of Meditation: Pramod Shanbhag

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Jayanth Sharma
6 years ago

Dr. Shanbhag, Excellent pictures and thank you for decorating our blog by sharing your snippets. Your enthusiasm and energy is something I am jealous of! At 70 – you are more energetic than I am perhaps 🙂

Best wishes!

Gopi Kramadhati
Gopi Kramadhati
6 years ago
Reply to  Jayanth Sharma

The best part of this 17 year old Dr. Shanbhag is the way he educates his audiences like myself with engaging commentaries and his attention to details, literally taking us to the scene of each of his exquisite pictures. I have literally felt the chillness of the Arctic, the shivers from a charging elephant, he has virtually taken us everywhere he goes! (For Free!!)

Jayanth Sharma
5 years ago

🙂 17 at heart indeed.

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